Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 5:00 am

January 23

North East Livestock Sales first store sale of the year sold 68 store cattle and 68 store sheep.

A smaller number of stock forward but all classes an excellent trade with a large turnout of buyers present.

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A strong consignment of Angus steers from A Wilson, Village Farm led the sale realising an average of just short of £1200. A younger consignment of Angus x Saler heifers from J D Gilroy & Sons, White House Folly also sold well to average £1020.

Angus steers 1290, 1280, 1190 Eglingham Village, 1150 Routin Lynn, 1060 Springhill, Limousin steers 1000 Routin Lynn, Angus heifers 1110, 1000 Routin Lynn, 1085, 1050 White House Folly, 940 Springhill, Saler heifers 1020 White House Folly.


Top price Limousin x steers made £970, 960 (9M) from A J Robertson, Houndalee, Angus x steers 890 Routin Lynn, 690 North Bellshill, BB heifers 800, 690 (9M) Houndalee.


Texels 63, 56 Buston House, Cheviot x 49 Shilbottle, 39 Shirlaw Hope.

January 26

North East Livestock Sales sold 70 prime cattle including 10 cast cows and 1395 sheep comprising 850 hoggs and 545 cast ewes.

Cattle: A good show of cattle meeting recent rates to average 200p.

Lim hfrs 227.5p Black Callerton to R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick, 215.5p, 213.5p Blagdon Burn to R Martin, Morpeth, Blue hfrs 221.5p Annstead to Whitelaw Butchers, Stocksfield, 217.5p, 215.5p Black Callerton to F Robson, Angus hfrs 212.5p, 209.5p Craster Heugh to A Green, Penshaw, Lim strs 227.5p, 221.5p South Acton to R Turnbull & Sons, Char strs 213.5p, 212.5p Earsdon East to Westknowe. Lim strs 1461 South Acton, 1395, 1385 (two) Widdrington, 1360 Blagdon Burn, Char strs 1450, 1447, 1436, 1410 Earsdon East, Angus hfrs 1326, 1307 Craster Heugh, Lim hfrs 1315 Black Callerton, 1314 Howick Scar, Lim bulls 201.5p Herds House Lim bulls 1335, 1306 Elyhaugh.

Cows: Flesh in short supply but similar trade.

BB cows 907 (131.5p) Annstead, Shorthorn 865 (120.5p) Warton, 820 (115.5p) West Bolton.

Hoggs: Fewer quality and flesh forward but good to sell. Plainer, leaner types still hard to cash.

Beltex 93.50, 87 Old Deanham, 89, 86, 84 Ulgham Fence, 82 Cramond Hill, Texel 89 Preston Mains, 86.50 Thrunton, 86 Elilaw, 85.50, 85 South Bellshill, 84.50 Bellion, 83.50 Ulgham Fence, Suffolk 85 Berryhill, Black Heddon, 84 Elilaw, 83.50 Berwick Hill, 83 Braeside, South Bellshill, Cheviot x 84, 83 East Ditchburn, Char 83, 82.50 Old Deanham.

Beltex 208p Old Deanham, 205p, 194p Cramond Hill, 200p Colliery Farm, 193p (two), 190p Oakdene, Texel 190p Watch Hill, East Newham, 189p South Broomford, Cheviot 191p East Ditchburn.

Ewes: A touch easier but still nicely away at £61 overall.

Texels 128 Brinkburn Newhouses, 104 Thrunton, 102 Pasture Hill, 96, 90 Unthank, 90 Herds House, Pigdon, 88 Westhills, Suffolk 94 Brinkburn Newhouses, 90 Berryhill, Herds House, 85 South Lyham, Beltex 86 Cramond Hill, Unthank, 84 Stonecroft, 80 Pigdon, Char x 84 Whittingham Grange, 80 Causey Park, Pasture Hill, Half Breds 83, 82 Widdrington, 80 Elilaw, Berryhill, Cheviots 82 East Ditchburn, 72 Glanton Town, Leic 75 Blackhalls, Mules 64 South Lyham, Pasture Hill, 63 East Newham, 60 Unthank, Whittingham Grange, Black Face 48, 43 Westhills, 45 Yetlington, Swales 46 Blackhalls. Suffolk rams 86 Yetlington, 85 Brinkburn Newhouses.