Northumberland Livestock


February 9

North East Livestock Sales sold 52 prime cattle and OTM’s and 1,020 sheep, comprising 658 hoggs and 362 cast ewes.


A nicer show forward this week, with more quality about, selling to a full ringside of butchers and wholesalers.

Lim Strs 226.5p Widdrington, 225.5p Blagdon Burn, 214.5p Howick Scar, 209.5p Oak Dene. Lim hfrs 221.5p, 216.5p Black Callerton, 217.5p Herds House, 214.5p Widdrington, 214.5p Oak Dene.

Bel Blue Hfrs 215.5p Herds House. Angus hfrs 217.5p Widdrington, 210.5p The Heugh.

Lim strs 1544 Widdrington, 1483 Blagdon Burn, 1445 South Acton, 1412 East Coldside. Char strs 1330, 1328 Pacific Hall.

Lim x hfrs 1337 Black Callerton, 1301, 1285 Startup, 1281, 1265 Widdrington.

Lim x Cows 123.5p Lemmington Hill Head. Fries Cows 120.5p Hauxley.

Dairy BB Cows 119.5p East Thirston.

Angus Bull 1066 The Meadows.


Similar numbers forward, with smart types selling well. Larger lambs easier, in line with national trend.

Texel 92 Ulgham Fence, 90 Redsteads, 89 Elsdon Burn, 88 High Learchild.

Suff x 87 Doxford, 84 Whitehall, Kirknewton, 80.50 Berry Hill. Beltex 86 Felton Dem, 86 Pigdon, 85 Ulgham Fence.

Beltex 210p Felton Demesne, 210p Pigdon, 198p Oak Dene. Texel 202p Ulgham Fence, 198p Oak Dene, 190p Weetslade, 188p South Broomford, 184p Lucker.

Suff x 181p Ferneybeds, 180p High Learchild.


A mixed offering of ewes forward, with many lean types this week. Quality sorts still good to sell.

Texel’s 106 South Broomford, 98 Elsdon Burn (G Oliver), 98 Newton red House, 97 Bygate.

Suffolk 92 Bygate, 88 South Field, 85 Prior Hall, 84 Charlton Hall, HB 81 Lemmington Hill Head, 80 South Broomford.

Mules 60 Howick Scar, 59 Brotherwick.