Northumberland Livestock


By The Newsroom
Thursday, 14th September 2017, 6:00 am

September 6

Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Sold 716 Lambs and 358 Ewes and Rams. Lambs per head: Texel: £93, £91 (two), £86 Henlaw, £85.50 Bewick Folly, £85 Henlaw, £84.50 Mindrum Farming Co, £84 Henlaw and Lorbottle (two), £83 Reavley Greens. Suffolk: £90 Yetlington Lane, £89 Craigs House. Beltex: £88 East Newburn (two). Mule: £80 Lilburn Estates. Blackfaced: £72 Reavley Greens.

Lambs per kilo: Texel: 212.5p, 204.8p, 200p (two) Henlaw, 200p Mindrum Farming Co, 198.8p Bewick Folly, 197.8p Henlaw, 196.5p Mindrum Farming Co. Beltex: 201.3p, 196.2p East Newburn. Suffolk: 182.2p, 178.6p Henlaw, 177.5p Yetlington Lane. Blackfaced: 180p Reavley Greens. Greyfaced: 177.8p, 177.4p Lilburn Estates.

A new buyer present, more ewes could easily be handled.

Ewes: Suffolk: £94 Low Middleton, £90 East Fleetham, £87 Cresswell Farms, £84 Low Middleton, £83 Cresswell Farms. Texel: £93 Wrangham Redsteads, £88 Shipley Smallburn and East Fleetham, £86 Wrangham Redsteads and Cresswell Farms, £83.50 Yetlington Lane. Oxford: £80 East Fleetham. Half Bred: £72.50 Brandon. Vendeen: £75 Craigs House. Greyfaced: £72 Low Middleton, £68 Craigs House. Cheviot: £68 Bewick Folly. Blackfaced: £64, £60 Clennell.