Northumberland Livestock


September 19

North East Livestock Sales Show and Sale of 126 rams was kindly sponsored by Lloyds Bank and ably judged by John Thompson, Howick Estates.

Best Texel Shearling and Best in Show was a muscly type from JJ Ferguson, Bellion, selling to £750. Second Texel £800, also The Bellion.

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First Pure Beltex £820 Annsteads, second Beltex £520 Low Espley. First Suffolk £580 Nesbit, second Suffolk £500 Bellion.

Other prices, all classes nicely sold.

Texels 800, 750 (two), 620 (two) Bellion, 700, 600, 500 (two) Intake, 640 Brinkburn Newhouses, 580 Bolton PO, 500 Annstead. Suffolks 580, 520 Nesbit, 500 Bellion. Beltex 820, 480 (two) Annsteads, 520 Low Espley, 420 West Heddon.

September 21

North East Livestock Sales sold 56 prime cattle and 2,359 sheep, comprising 1,503 lambs and 856 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle: A shortage of butcher type cattle and all classes dearer.

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Lim hfrs 241p, 232p, 231p, 230p Blagdon Burn, 240p Elyhaugh. Angus hfrs 228p, 227p Craster Heugh, 227p South Side, 219p Hemscott Hill. Lim strs 236p, 217p, 216p Blagdon Burn, 214p Eslington, 212p Make Me Rich.

Char strs 1540 Burnhouse. Lim strs 1404, 1401 Blagdon Burn, 1400 Make Me Rich. Angus hfrs 1482, 1440 Craster Heugh. Char hfrs 1361 Craster. Lim hfrs 1340 Make Me Rich, 1335 Blagdon Burn.

Cows: Another good trade, especially flesh.

Angus cows 1365, 1101, 962 (148p, 137p, 130p) Broome Hill. B Blue cows 1224, 1090 (159p, 138p) Annstead. Lim cow 1094 (158p) Make Me Rich.

Aged Char bull 1324 (110p) Redsteads. Aged Sim bull 1113 (110p) South Side.

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Lambs: Fewer numbers due to six days standstill and easier national trend. All well fleshed lambs a similar trade, grassy types slightly easier. Overall average 169p.

Texels 100 Rugley, 97, 91, 90.50 Follions, 94.50 Homilton, 94, 88.50 Make Me Rich. Beltex 91 Bothal Barns, 90.50, 88 Watch Hill, 89.50 Herds House, 88 Howick Scar, Oakdene.

Suff x 92 Elilaw, Springhill, 90 South Bellshill, 90 Rashercap, 90 Common Flat. Chev x 90 East Ditchburn, 89.50 East Newham.

Beltex 218p East Newham, 215p Watch Hill, 208p, 202p Herds House, 207p Howick Scar, 205p Oakdene, Pigdon, 204p Low Espley, 200p Hemelspeth. Texel 203p Linden Hill Head, 194p Follions.

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Ewes: Another good show with many more hill and smaller ewes forward. Weight still very good to sell, lighter types a bit easier. Overall still £60.

Texels 106 East Trewick, 102 South Bellshill, 98, 96 Follions, 98 Cornhills, 97 Homilton, 95 Springwood, 90 Thrunton, Alnham. Suffolks 96 Homilton, 94, 93 South Bellshill, 93 Buston, Alnham, 90 East Fleetham.

Char 91 Houndalee. Beltex 92, 85 Bothal Barns, 84 Low Espley. Cheviots 90 East Ditchburn. Chev/Mule 76, 74 Glanton. Mules 73 South Bellshill, 70 Homilton, 68 Common Flat, 67 West Raw. Black Face 54 West Raw, 50 Buston.

Texel rams 100 Boulmer, 96 Alnham. Lleyn rams 99 Donkin Rigg. BF rams 83 Alnham.

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