Northumberland Livestock


October 25

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep. Sold 494 lambs and 172 ewes and rams. Lamb numbers similar, dearer on the week.

Leading prices per head: Suffolk £84 Castlelaw, £83 Lilburn Estates, Roseden, £81 Castlelaw, £79 West Longridge. Texel £84 Bewick Folly, £80 Black Heddon, Bewick Folly, Lorbottle, West Longridge, Kettleburn, £79 Wandon, £77 Lilburn Estates, Roseden, £76.50p West Longridge (two), £76 Wandon. Beltex £70 Chillingham Home Farm.

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Leading prices per kilo: Texel 179.5p Lilburn Estates, Roseden, 176.3p Black Heddon, 174.7p Wandon, 174.6p Yetlington Lane, 172p Black Heddon, Bewick Folly, 171.6p Wandon, 170.7p East Newburn, 170.1p Wandon, 170p Bewick Folly. Beltex 173.3p Chillingham Home Farm. Suffolk 164.7p, 164.6p Biddlestone Home Farm.

All classes of ewes keenly bid for and dear.

Ewes: Texel £106 Lilburn Estates, Roseden, £88 Black Heddon, The Hagg, £84, £82 Wandon, £81 Craigs House, £80 The Hagg. Suffolk £87.50p Wandon, £85 Goswick, £84 The Hagg, £82, £81 Wandon, £80 The Hagg. Mule £64 West Longridge, £62 Goswick, £61 Bewick Folly, £57.50p Craigs House, £55 Brockley Hall. Cheviot £44.50p Bewick Folly. Black Face £35 Haugh Head.