Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 8th February 2018, 5:00 am

January 30

Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of store cattle to a fabulous ring side of buyers looking on with men going home empty handed.

Topping the day’s trading was a fabulous Aberdeen Angus Steer from GW Green & Sons, Wandon at £1330.

The price per kilo section was topped by E Carse & Son, South Ord with a pen of fabulous Limousin Steers at 231p per kilo.

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Leading Prices per head - Steers: Aberdeen Angus: £1330, £1245, £1110 Wandon. Limousin: £1180, £1085 Newstead, £925, £925 South Ord. Simmental: £1310, £1305, £1205, £1135 Newstead.

Leading prices per head - Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: £990, £945 Wandon. Simmental: £1240 Newstead. Charolais: £1045 Newstead.

Leading prices per kilo - Steers: Aberdeen Angus: 225p South Ord, 219p, 215p, 211p, 211p Wandon. Limousin: 231p, 231p, 221p, 215p South Ord, 212p Newstead.. Simmental: 210p, 203p Newstead. Charolais: 217.9p Newstead.

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: 211p, 205p Wandon. Simmental: 205p Newstead. Charolais: 206p Newstead.

January 31

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep

Sold 594 Hoggs and 181 Ewes.

Hoggs, a great show of hoggs was met by an extreme trade, with another buyer present

Average 204p SQQ 210p.

Leading Prices per head: Suffolk: £106, £103, £85 Branton Eastside, £87 Yetlington Lane, £86.50, £86, £85.50 Lilburn Estates, £86, £85.50 Newstead. North Country Cheviot: £97.50, £95, £94, £93.50, £89, £88.50, £88 Humbleheugh. Texel: £95.50, £93.50 Conundrum, £93.50, £92, £91, £90, £88.50, £88 (two) West Longridge, £92.50, £91, £88.50 East Newburn, £92, £89 The Villa, Bowsden, £91 Branton East Side, £90.50, £90 Auchencrow Mains, £90 Craigs House. Beltex: £93 (two) East Newburn. Vendeen: £85 Craigs House. Greyfaced: £84.50 Branton East Side. Blackfaced: £84.50 Branton East Side.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel: 225p, 215.1p, 210.7p East Newburn, 224.4p Lilburn Estates, 217.6p, 210.5p Auchencrow Mains, 217.5p, 209.9p Tosson Tower, 216.5p, 212.5p, 212.3p, 209.5p West Longridge, 214.3p Craigs House, 213.8p Shipley Smallburn, 209.8p Newstead. Suffolk: 219.2p, 217.1p, 216.3p, 215p, 214.3p Lilburn Estates, 213.2p Yetlington Lane, 207.2p, 206p Newstead. North Country Cheviot: 217.3p, 217.1p, 204.3p Humbleheugh, 213p South Ord. Vendeen: 204.8p Craigs House.

Ewes, larger show sold well again

Leading prices per head: Suffolk: £119, £117, £98 Branton East Side, £103, £90 Newton Farm, £95 Edlingham Newtown, £89 Goswick, £84 Auchencrow Mains. Bluefaced Leicester: £98 Edlingham Newtown. Texel: £96 Cold Martin, £89 Shipley Smallburn, £85 Newstead, £80 Newton Farm. North Country Cheviot: £91, £78, £77 Humbleheugh. Mule: £83 Branton East Side, £76 Edlingham Newtown, £75 Charlton Mires and Craigs House, £73 Newstead. Blackfaced: £75, £65 Edlingham Newtown, £45 North Bellshill and Ingram

Rams: Bluefaced Leicester: £91 Branton Eastside.