Northumberland Livestock


April 10

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show & Sale for The William Harvey Lindisfarne Goblet.

The show seeing a fabulous run of cattle forward for the judge of the day Mr John Thompson, Smallburn Farm, Longhorsley.

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Awarding the Champion and Reserve Champion to RA Cadzow, Inland Pasture with a tremendous Limousin Heifer raising £1180 for the Champion and Reserve Champion and 2nd Prize Steer raising £1180

Out with the show seen a tremendous trade through out with all cattle keenly bid for and big cattle seeing excellent rates.

Leading Prices per head - Steers: Charolais: £1215, £1090, £1070 Tower Martin, £1125, £1090, £1040 Fawdon Farms. Limousin: £1180, £1090, £1080, £1060, £1005 Dunstan Hill, £1120, £1000 (two) Inland Pasture, £1080, £1080, £1030 Trewhitt Steads. £1070, £1050, £1040, £1020 South Ord, £1030 Branton East Side. British Blue: £1180, £1070, £1060, £960, £955, £955 Inland Pasture. Simmental: £1150, £1080, £970, £960, £960, £960, £930 Lanton Estates. Aberdeen Angus: £920 South Ord. Hereford: £890 Fawdon Farms

Leading prices per head - Heifers: Limousin: £1180, £920, £920 Inland Pasture, £960 Dunstan Hill, £950, £945 South Ord, £940, £935 Trewhitt Steads. Charolais: £1140, £1110 Tower Martin. Aberdeen Angus: £860 South Ord.

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Leading prices per kilo - Steers: Charolais: 290.7p, 266.7p, 246.2p, 243.7p Fawdon Farms, 234.6p, 231.4p Tower Martin. British Blue: 283p, 273.7p, 264.7p, 258.5p, 258.1p Inland Pasture. Limousin: 276.2p, 267.7p, 263.8p, 259.7p, 256p, 246.2p Inland Pasture, 265.9p, 245.3p, 240.5p Dunstan Hill, 261p, 257.4p, 248.8p, 247p South Ord, 251.8p, 242.4p, 240p Shotton, 243.2p Branton East Side. Simmental: 273.3p, 249.3p Shotton, 227.7p Lanton Estates. Aberdeen Angus: 242.1p South Ord, 238p Shotton.

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 262.7p, 259.3p, 243.5p Inland Pasture, 258.9p, 256.8p, 237.3p, 236.5p, 233.3p, 232.4p South Ord, 233.9p Branton East Side, 233.5p Shotton. Charolais: 230.6p 226.7p Fawdon Farms, 223.3p Tower Martin. British Blue: 227.3p Inland Pasture. Aberdeen Angus: 226.3p South Ord, 220.3p Shotton.

April 18

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Hoggs, a mixed show forward, with trade in line with national trade.

Average 210p.

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Leading prices per head: Texel: £121 Shepherds Cottage, £114 North Sharperton, £112, £106, £103.50 Hoppen Hall, £106, £98, £95 Elwick, £99 Springhill, Seahouses.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel: 230p, 220p, 215p Hoppen Hall, 225p, 220p (two), 217p Elwick, 220p Springhill, Seahouses. Cheviot: 215p South Ord.

Ewes another superb trade.

Average £105.

Ewes: Texel: £139 North Sharperton, £135, £125 Shepherds Cottage, £126 Wandon, £125 Elwick, £113 North Sharperton, £107 Springhill, Berwick. Suffolk: £135 (two), £131, £105 Springhill, Seahouses, £129 Wandon, £119 North Sharperton. Charolais: £138 Wandon. Mule: £119 Springhill, Seahouses, £115, £108 Wandon, £113 Kentstone, £103 Elwick.