Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 10th May 2018, 06:00 am

May 3

North East Livestock Sales sold 35 prime cattle and 1003 sheep comprising 550 hoggs, 15 lambs and 438 cast ewes.

Cattle: A smaller show slightly dearer.

Lim hfrs 244p Elyhaugh, 240p, 235p, 230p Bilton, Angus hfrs 225p, 220p Craster Heugh, 213p Warton, Lim strs 223p Elyhaugh, 214p Bilton, Angus strs 210p East Fleetham.

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Lim strs 1442, 1386 South East, 1430 Elyhaugh, Lim hfrs 1440 Elyhaugh, 1300 Bilton, Angus hfrs 1341, 1331 Craster Heugh, 1261 Warton.

Cows: Aged Lim bulls 1680 (150p) Widdrington, Angus cow 1140 (137p) Warton, Shorthorn cow 1091 (135p) Warton.

Lambs: In good demand.

Suffolks 163, 162, 157 (318p, 314p) South Rennington, Texels 140, 126 (335p, 311p) Grange House, Charollais x 140, 130 (311p) South Linden.

Hoggs: Very few fit hoggs about, many sorts carrying half flesh. All classes still good to sell.

Texels 155, 153 Hemscott Hill, 153, 150 Corneyside, 145 Delight, 138 Well Hill, Suffolks 149, 144, 137 Brandon, 140 Berryhill, Char 146 Wingates Wholme, 137, 132 Hemscott Hill, Lleyn 130 Newburn, Beltex 127 Dyke Head, Cheviot 120 Ferneybeds, Black Face 117 Ferneybeds.

Beltex 280p, 265p, 263p Dyke Head, 263p Pasture House, Cheviots 265p The Hagg, 263p, 260p 251p Ferneybeds, 252p Howick Scar, Texels 282p, 278p, 263p Hemscott Hill, 255p Intake, 250p Corneyside, Lleyn 251p Newburn, Char 256p Hemscott Hill, 250p Great Tosson, Suffolks 250p Berryhill, 248p Brandon.

Ewes: Lots of lean ewes forward mainly smaller sorts. All classes dearer despite average being less on paper.

Texel 140 Newham Hagg, 135 Westhills, 133 Tuthill, 129 Preston Mains, 129, 125 Linden Hill Head, 124 Corneyside, Suffolks 146 South Rennington, 134, 123 Tuthill, Chev/Mule 110 Newham Hagg, Cheviots 94 Preston Mains, Mules 106 Hartlaw, 99 Tuthill, 94 Linden Hill Head, Brockley Hall, 92 Craster Heugh, Black Face 71 Rosebrough, 70 Craster, Swale x 82 Flexigraze, Lleyn 117 Loanend, 111 Newburn.

Suff rams 140 Warton, Texel rams 130 Loanend, 123 Corneyside, Vendeen rams 120 North Lyham, Ryland rams 97 Tranwell.