Northumberland Livestock


May 8

Wooler Mart sold 123 store cattle with a mixed show forward, with quality selling to extreme rates.

Topping the day’s trading was E Carse & Son, South Ord, with a Limousin.x Heifer at £1265, pence per kilo was topped by Fawdon Farms with Charolais.x Steers at 289.5p. Many more could have been sold to vendors’ advantage.

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Leading prices per head. Steers: BB.x £1080 Wellhouse Farm, Harbottle. Limousin £1060, £990, £920 Inland Pasture, £875, £870 (two) South Ord. Charolais £1000, £990 (three), £980 Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus £860 Shawdon Woodhouse, £815 Shotton.

Leading prices per head. Heifers: Limousin £1265 South Ord, £1210, £1060, £990, £980, £980, £960 Inland Pasture. Aberdeen Angus £1090, £1005, £960, £950 Wandon, £960 Shawdon Woodhouse. BB.x £1040, £1030 Wellhouse Farm, £975 Inland Pasture. Charolais £1000, £955, £925 Fawdon Farms.

Leading prices per kilo. Steers: Charolais 289p, 264p, 261p, 230p Fawdon Farms. BB.x 270p Inland Pasture, 270p Wellhouse Farm. Limousin 259p, 246p South Ord, 249p, 235p Dunstan Hill, 247p, 236p, 235p Shotton, 244p Inland Pasture, 241p South Ord. Aberdeen Angus 247.5p, 239.7p, 223p Shotton. Simmental 236p, 225p Shotton.

Leading prices per kilo. Heifers: Charolais 268p, 263p, 256p Fawdon Farms. BB.x 267p, 266p Wellhouse Farm, 255p, 240p Inland Pasture.

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Limousin 260p, 257p Inland Pasture, 250p, 232p South Ord, 235p Dunstan Hill. Aberdeen Angus 243p, 239p Wandon, 240p Shawdon Woodhouse.

May 9

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Hoggs, end of season show, but all types firm.

Leading prices per head. Texel £117, £100 Wrangham (K Gray), £114, £113 Black Heddon, £112 West Longridge. North Country Cheviot £103 Village Farm, Seahouses. Suffolk £95 West Longridge. Mule £94 West Longridge.

Leading prices per kilo. 254p, 237p West Longridge, 246p Wrangham (K Gray), 228p Black Heddon.

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North Country Cheviot 251p Village Farm, Seahouses. Suffolk 226p West Longridge.

Ewes, another outstanding trade, more needed for demand.

Texel £125, £113 Auchencrow Mains, £123, £113 Bewick Folly, £117 Black Heddon, £121 Shotton. Suffolk £109 Auchencrow Mains, £107 West Longridge. Mule £99 Shotton, £87 Auchencrow Mains, £81 West Longridge. Cheviot Mule £97 Bewick Folly. Cheviot £97, £87 Cocklawfoot.

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