Northumberland Livestock


July 12

North East Livestock Sales sold 61 prime cattle, including 22 cast cows and 2,128 sheep, comprising 1,663 lambs, 95 hoggs and 370 cast ewes.

All classes of stock easier on the week in line with the national trend.

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Cattle: Lim hfrs 232p, 228p Swarland Old Hall, 230p Elyhaugh, 216p Blagdon Burn, 219p, 214p Herds House.

Lim x str 214p South Bellshill.

Char bulls 211p Thrunton. Lim bulls 201p Herds House.

Angus hfrs 1495 Eslington Park. Lim hfrs 1313, 1281 Swarland Old Hall. Lim strs 1473, 1362 Blagdon Burn, 1355 South Bellshill.

Cows: Fully fleshed sorts still good to sell, leaner types a touch easier.

Angus 1115, 1108 (144p, 141p) Framhill, Saler 1110 (137p) Fenham Hill. Charolais 1071 (138p) Framhill.

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Limousin 1060 (160p) Swarland Old Hall. Shorthorn 926 (136p) Warton.

Aged Lim bull 1307 (132p) Blagdon Burn.

Lambs: All classes harder to cash. Overall average £81 and 183p. Sale was topped by a pen of Beltex at 44kg, £105 Annsteads.

Beltex 98, 94 Swarland Old Hall, 95 Hemelspeth, 94, 91 (two), 90 Annsteads, 92 Cramond Hill, Broomhall, 89 Herds House, Bothal Barns.

Vendeen 98, 90 South Lyham, 95 Tritlington. Texel 97 South Bellshill, 96, 91 Tosson Tower, 96 Lane End, 95, 91 Grange House, 95 Nesbit, Preston Mains, 94 Cornhills, 94, 93 Fenham Hill.

Charollais 96 Boulmer, 92 Angerton Steads, Low Hall.

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Suffolks 95 Dunstan Square, 91, 90 South Bellshill, 90 Nesbit, Redsteads. Berichon 93 East Trewick.

Beltex 239p, 219p, 218p, 215p, 212p Annsteads, 218p, 214p Swarland Old Hall, 215p Chevington Moor, 214p Cramond Hill, 212p Herds House.

Texels 209p, 208p207p, 202p Annsteads, 207p Broomhall, 205p Chevington Moor, Preston Mains 205p, 202p Bothal Barns, 204p Lane End.

July 16

North East Livestock Sales had a smaller show of cattle forward, with trade quieter than previous weeks, all classes less money.

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Angus heifers 1370, 890 Middle Coldcotes. Angus steers 1100, 1040, 1000 Hazon House.

Limousin steers 1160, 900 Hazon House.

Young Cattle: Simmental steers 805, 700 Lilburn Tower. Angus steers 700 Middle Coldcotes. Limousin x steers 700 Trewhitt Steads.

Limousin heifers 700, 695 Trewhitt Steads. Simmental heifers 700 Lilburn Tower.

Next store sale, Monday, July 30.

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