Northumberland Livestock


August 8

At Wooler Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly primestock sale of sheep, comprising 681 prime lambs and 212 ewes and rams.

There was a superb show of lambs, sold to considerably improved rates.

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Topping the sale with an outstanding Texel was R.J Bradbury, of Black Heddon, attaining £92, while H.N Howard & Son, of Chillingham Home Farm, realised 230.3p per kilo with a tremendous pen of Beltex lambs.

Leading prices per head. Lambs: Beltex £92 Black Heddon, £91.50 Low Middleton, £91 Branton Eastside, £90.50 Brackenside. Suffolk £90 Brackenside, £90 West Longridge, £79 Eglingham Moor, £77.50 Reavley Greens. Beltex £87.50, £84.50, £84, £82, £79.50 Chillingham Home Farm, £83 East Newburn

Leading prices per kilo. Beltex 230.3p, 221.1p Chillingham Home Farm, 218.4p East Newburn, 213.9p, 209.2p Chillingham Home Farm.

Texel: 207.1p, 206p Springhill Farm, Seahouses, 204.8p Brackenside, 202.5p Black Heddon, 202.4p Brackenside. Suffolk: 182.4p Reavley Greens, 181p Craigs House, 180p Brackenside, 179.5p Eglingham Moor

A good show of ewes, all types keenly sought after

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Ewes: Suffolk: £114 Lochside, £99 Chillingham Home Farm. Half Bred: £95 Plainfield, £91 Chillingham Home Farm. Texel: £110 Lochside, £103 Plainfield and Fenham Hill, £99 Auchencrow Mains. Millennium Bleu: £99. £89 Islay Hill. Beltex: £95, £81, £79 Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: £93 Newburn

Ram: Texel: £123 Lochside.