Northumberland Livestock


By The Newsroom
Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 8:00 am

August 9

North East Livestock Sales sold 42 prime cattle and cows and 2,828 sheep, comprising 2,079 lambs and 749 cast ewes.

Cattle: A nice show of cattle this week, with more butchers around the ringside looking for quality.

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Top price steer was a superb 15-month-old Limousin steer from Swarland Old Hall, realising 249p to R Turnbull & Sons Butchers.

Leading the heifers was a very smart Limousin from Herds House, realising 237p to Whitelaw Butchers.

Lim strs 249p, 242p Swarland Old Hall, 228p Oak Dene, 226p South Bells Hill, 222p Make Me Rich.

Lim Hfrs 237p Herds House, 228p, 225p South Bells Hill, 228p Burn House.

Angus Hfrs 225p 221p The Heugh.

Lim Strs 1534, 1513 Swarland Old Hall, 1437 South Bells Hill. Char Strs 1398, 1352 Make Me Rich.

Angus Hfrs 1417 Gatherick. Char Hfrs 1382 Make Me Rich. Lim Hfrs 1363 South Bells Hill. Angus Hfrs 1296, 1273 The Heugh.

Cows: A nice trade for cows.

Limousin 166p, 140p Widdrington, 130p Woodwell. Bel Blue 1162 Woodwell, 1122 Widdrington.

Lambs: All classes much dearer on the week, a fantastic show of lambs returning an overall average 206p SQQ or £8 to £10 up on the week.

Once again, well fleshed lambs still achieving premiums, with quality and weight still in strong in demand.

Beltex 244p,240p Keepwick, 239p Swarland Old Hall, 239p 236p Annsteads, 231p Low Hall, 231 Herds House, 231p Howick Seahouses, 230p Hemelspeth.

Texel 226p Swarland Old Hall, 225p Nesbit, 224p Little Bavington, 221p Annsteads, 218 South Bells Hill, 217p South Carter Moor, 215p Bygate, 214p Make Me Rich, 213p Redsteads, 211p East Trewick.

Suffolks 208p Nesbit, 206p South Broom, 204p Lane End.

August 16

North East Livestock Sales sold 35 prime cattle and 3,175 sheep, comprising 2,010 lambs and 1,165 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle. A similar trade, but short of butcher types.

Lim hfrs 246p, 237p, 235p Bilton, 225p, 217p Blagdon Burn, 225p Burnhouse, 220p Howick Scar.

Angus hfrs 236p, 219p, 211p Birchwood.

Lim x blks 215p, 212p Oakdene, 211p Howick Scar.

Angus hfrs 1410, 1373 Birchwood. Lim hfrs 1353, 1318 Bilton.

Lim blks 1350 Howick Scar, 1335 Warton, 1330 South Bellshill.

Fries Cow 864 (120p) Hauxley.

Lambs. All classes cheaper in line with the national trend. Fleshed, quality and heavy weights still good to cash. Leaner types harder to move.

Texels 100, 97 Low Hall, 97 Loanend, 94.50 East Coldside, 92 Howlett Hall, 91, 90.50 Grange House.

Beltex 99, 98, 97, 95, 94, 90 Bothal Barns, 98, 92 Fowberry Moor, 92.50, 92 Howick Scar.

Suffolks 94 Haredene, 93, 90.50, 90 South Bellshill, 90.50, 90 Craster. Char x 90 West Lane End, East Trewick.

Beltex 236p, 220p Swarland Old Hall, 233p, 226p, 218p, 210p Bothal Barns, 231p, 224p Howick Scar, 224p, 203p Herds House, 214p Fowberry Moor, 210p Edlingham Demesne.

Texel 211p Low Hall, 208p Howick Scar, 207p (two) Swarland Old Hall, 205p Banktop, 204p, 201p Corneyside, 202p Pigdon.

Vendeen 206p Shipley Hill, 203p North Lyham.

Ewes: With a glut countrywide due to the start of Qurbani, all classes harder to cash, especially leaner types. Flesh still readily sold.

Texels 97 Tughall Grange, 95 Grange House, 94 Middleton Mill, Stonecroft, 92, 90 Corneyside, Linden Hill Head, Glanton, 90 Broom Hall.

Suffolks 100 Herds House, 98 Corneyside, West Lane End, 92 Howlett Hall, Craster, 90 Gallowmoor, Burnhouse.

Mules 66, 62 West Lane End, 64 Tughall Grange. Beltex 83 Herds House, 80 Glanton, Low Espley. Chev/Mule 80 Glanton.