Northumberland Livestock


August 20

North East Livestock Sales had forward 35 store cattle and 302 store lambs.

Sheep: All long-keep lambs forward, well bid for, realising a similar trade throughout.

Texels 67, 60, 59 Blossom Plantation, 61.50 Woolaw.

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Cheviots 51, 44 Belsay Barns, 47 Blossom Plantation, 47 Shirlawhope, 39, 38 Addycombe, 37 East House.

Cattle: Lim strs 1140, 1075 Hazon. Angus strs 1055 Hazon.

Saler hfrs 870, 820, 800 Fenham Hill. Sim hfrs 825, 810, 800 Fenham Hill.

Char hfr calves 780, 600 Redsteads.

August 23

North East Livestock Sales sold 39 prime cattle and cows, and 1,809 sheep, comprising 1,355 lambs and 454 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle: A touch sharper trade again.

BB hfrs 240p, 226p Herds House to R Martin, Morpeth & Thompson Ltd. Lim hfrs 228p, 226p Swarland Old Hall to R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick, 220p South Bellshill to R Turnbull & Sons, 219p, 216p Make Me Rich to F Robson & Thompson Ltd.

Lim strs 215p Eslington, East Fleetham.

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Lim hfrs 1520, 1500 Swarland Old Hall, 1285 South Bellshill. Char hfrs 1400, 1340 Make Me Rich. Char strs 1370, 1353 Make Me Rich.

Lim strs 1355 East Fleetham.

BB Cows 1351 (164p) Branton East Side. Lim cows 1013, 955 (134p, 131p) Branton East Side. Fries cows 824, 813 (125p) Hauxley.

Lambs: With smaller numbers and fewer leaner sorts, all classes recovered from last week’s dip and thicker sorts of all sizes fiercely bid over. Overall average of £85.50 (192p).

Beltex 110, 107, 104, 99.50, 98 (two) Annstead, 102 Oakdene Grange, 100 East Trewick, Bothal Barns.

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Texels 108 Thrunton Red House, 107 East Ditchburn, 105 West Lane End, South Bellshill, 103 Linden Hill Head, 100, 98 Bothal Barns, 99.50, 99, 96.50 Burradon Mains, 98 Middleton Mill, Chevington Moor.

Suffolks 103.50, 100 South Bellshill, 103 Boulmer Hall, 98 Nesbit.

Vendeen 101, 96.50 South Lyham, 99 North Lyham, 95 Shipley Hill.

Beltex 248p, 239p (2), 238p, 237p, 218p (2) Annstead, 244p, 222p, 210p Bothal Barns, 241p, 234p, 218p Chevington Moor, 227p Oakdene Grange, 215p East Trewick.

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Texel 216p Chevington Moor, 213p Buston House, 211p Linden Hill Head, 209p, 208p Tritlington Hall, Thrunton Red House, Clarabad Mill, 207p Nesbit, 205p West Lane End.

Ewes: With the countryside still awash with ewes, trade was still hesitant, but less numbers forward made them a touch dearer. Overall average £60.

Texels 109 Middleton Mill, 104 Low Espley, 101 Clarabad Mill, 96 Cramond Hill, 93 High Trewhitt.

Suffolks 92 Stamford, 91 Glororum, 90 Burradon Mains, Broomhill.

Mules 74 Glororum, 66 High Trewhitt, 64 Stamford. Blackface 60 Puncherton. Rams 90 Cramond Hill, 85 Low Espley.

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