Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 13th September 2018, 8:00 am

September 5

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly primestock sale of sheep, comprising prime lambs, ewes and rams, with trade matching national trend.

Topping the day’s trade was GW Green & Sons, Wandon at £88 for Texel lambs, and 229.4p for a pen of Beltex lambs from DS & PW Hyslop, Wrangham.

Leading lamb prices per head: Texel £88, £87, 84 Wandon, £86, £84 Bewick Folly, £85 Yetlington Lane, £84.50 South Charlton, £84 (two) Henlaw, £84 (two) Kettleburn. Beltex £87 Wandon, £84, £82, £81.50 Henlaw, £84, £80 Chillingham Home Farm. Suffolk £78.50 Wandon, £78.50 Low Middleton.

Leading lamb prices per kilo: Beltex 229p, 208p Wrangham, 224p, 206p Henlaw, 215p Chillingham Home Farm. Texel 200p, 195p Kettleburn, 197p Bewick Folly, 192p Henlaw. Suffolk 171p Newstead, 170p Low Middleton.

Ewes met a firm trade.

Suffolk £107 Greenhead, Reston, £105 Low Middleton, £101, £93 Wrangham. Texel £97 Greenhead, Reston, £97 Greystones, £95 Lilburn Estates. Beltex £93 Wrangham. Greyfaced £75 Kentstone Farms, £69 Greystones.

Rams: Suffolk £133 Craigs House, £107 Wrangham.