Northumberland Livestock


September 12

Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly primestock sale of sheep comprising of Prime Lambs, Ewes and Rams with trade in line with national trade.

Leading Lamb prices per head: Texel: £85, £80 Low Middleton, £83.50 (two) West Longridge, £83, £80 Springhill, Seahouses, £80 Bewick Folly. Beltex: £85, £79, £75 Lilburn Estates (Roseden). Suffolk: £74 Reavley Greens and Auchencrow Mains.

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Leading Lamb prices per kilo: Beltex: 194p, 188p, 186p Chillingham Home Farm, 185p Yetlington Lane, 185p Lilburn Estates (Roseden). Texel: 186p Bewick Folly, 186p, 184p Springhill, Seahouses, 185p Yetlington Lane, 182p Elwick, 180p Eglingham Moor.

Ewes, bigger show forward, similar trade.

Suffolk: £99 Cresswell Farms, £93 Low Middleton, £87 Springhill, Seahouses, £83 West Longridge, £81 Chillingham Home Farm and Charlton Mires. Texel: £98 Yetlington Lane, £90 Shipley Smallburn, £87 Bewick Folly, £81 Cresswell Farms. Mule: £75 Kettleburn and Goswick, £74 Kettleburn, £71 Lilburn Estates and Cresswell Farms. Beltex: £73 Chillingham Home Farm. Cheviot Mule: £67 High Learchild. Blackfaced: £43 Cold Martin.

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