Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 25th October 2018, 8:00 am

October 11

North East Livestock Sales sold 52 prime cattle and cows and 3,237 sheep, comprising 2,245 lambs and 992 cast ewes.

Cattle: All classes easily maintaining recent good rates.

Lim hfrs 232p, 220p Whittingham Grange, 226p Elyhaugh. Angus hfrs 224p, 219p Hazon House, 218p, 217p (two), 216p Whittingham Grange. Lim bulls 205p Trewhitt Steads. Lim strs 230p Broom Hall, 214p Make Me Rich. Angus strs 216p (two), 211p (two) Warton, 209p Broom Hall.

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Angus strs 1434 Broom Hall, 1404, 1400 Warton. Lim strs 1400 Berwick Hill, 1372 Make Me Rich. Lim hfrs 1406 Whittingham Grange. Lim bulls 1450, 1337 Trewhitt Steads.

Cows: Simmental 1272 (170p) Tughall Grange. Angus 926 (135p) Tughall Grange. Limousin 900 (134p) Make Me Rich, 890 (128p) Howick Scar. Short Horn 893 (124p) North Farm.

Lambs: More about, with quality in shorter supply. Overall average 170p. SQQ 177p.

Texels 95 Milbourne Town, 91 East Thirston, 90 Thrunton, 89.50, 88 Burradon Mains, 89 Tosson Tower. Charollais 89, 87.50 East Coldside. Beltex 89, 87, 85 Preston Mains, 87.50, 86 Redsteads, 87.50, 86 Matfen Estate, 86.50 Watch Currock, 86 Bothal Barns, 86, 85.50 Herds House, 85.50 West High House.

Vendeen 89 North Lyham. Suffolk x 88, 87 East Ditchburn, 86 Sharperton Edge, 85 Broom Hall. Chev/Mule x 85.50 South Charlton. Beltex 218p, 210p, 201p Herds House, 210p Broom Hall, 209p, 208p, 205p, 201p, 200p Matfen Estate, 206p West High House, 202p Preston Mains. Texels 200p Tritlington Hall, 198p Longhirst, 197p Watch Currock, Low Town.

Ewes: With huge numbers being offloaded nationwide, all classes harder to sell. Heavies still well away, but very few on offer.

Texels 105 Embleton Steads, 96 Broom Hall, 90 Gatherick, 88 West Hills, 84 Shipley Hill. Chev/Mules 82, 81 North Swinhoe, 80 Intake. Suffolks 83 Rashercap, 80 Shipley Hill, 80 Broom Hall, 79 Tritlington, B’D’Maine 78 New Shoreston. Beltex 70 Forestburn Gate.

Mules 55 Well Hill, 52 South East, 50 Broom Hall. Black Face 54, 38 Linhope, 36 Wagtail. Cheviots 79 Reavley, 50 Linhope. Suffolk rams 102 Rashercap. Texel rams 92 Embleton Steads.