Northumberland Livestock


April 11

North East Livestock Sales sold 56 prime cattle and OTMs and 1,023 sheep, comprising 647 hoggs and 376 cast ewes.

Cattle: Butchers’ types in demand with more required weekly.

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Lim Hfrs 240p, 228p Bilton Farm, 225p Weetslade, 225p The Brocks, 218p Tritlington. Angus Hfrs 224p, 218p Tritlington Hall. Blonde Hfrs 215p Weetslade. Lim Strs 212p, 210p Bilton. Angus Hfrs 1425 Spring Hill, 1297 Eslington. Lim Hfrs 1423 The Brocks, 1373, 1354 Bilton Farm.

Cows: Mostly lean, feeding cows forward this week.

Sim x 1089 The Lee, Bel Blue 954, 924 Annstead. South Devon x 136p, Bel Blue 134p 130p.

Hoggs: A very mixed show of hoggs on offer, with less meat about, but quality hoggs still wanted.

Texels 111.50 Intake, 110 Corneyside, 104 Tuthill, 99 Hill Crest, 99 South Rennington, 99 Ingoe Low Hall. Beltex 97 Hill Crest Livestock, 97, 94.50 Grange Moor, 94 Corneyside. Cheviot 95 Wingates Wholme, 89 Earsdon East. Suffolk 98 Make Me Rich, 95.50 Ingo Low Hall, 90

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Beltex 226p Grange Moor, 225p Ingoe Low Hall, 224p Corneyside, 220p Hill Crest. Texel 223p Intake, 223p Make Me Rich, 222p Ingoe Low Hall, 220p Grange Moor. Cont. x 216p Make Me Rich, 212p Howick Scar, 209p Hemscott Hill.

Ewes: Heavy ewes a similar trade, leaner types dearer.

Texels 148, 120, 110 Corneyside, 100 Tuthill, 95 Middle Duddo, 93 Howlett, 92 Pasture House (Forster). Suffolk 110 Elilaw, 100 Craster Heugh, 92 Tuthill, 90 Weetslade, 90 South Bells Hill. Mule 80 Tuthill, 78 Middle Duddo, 77 East Newham, 76 Weetslade, 72 Make Me Rich. HB 74 Elilaw, 70 Widdrington. Black Face 58 Newbiggin Farm. Cheviots 66 Castle Farm, 61 Widdrington.

Texel rams 100 Howlett, 100 Corneyside.

April 15

North East Livestock Sales had an entry of 70 store cattle and calves, all classes a sharper trade.

Calves: Limousin blks 1060, 980, 910 South Barlow, 930 Norwoods. Angus blks 1035 Hazon House, 910 Fowberry. Simmental blks 980 Fowberry. Short Horn blks 910, 740 Rayheugh. British Blue blks 780 Hauxley.

Limousin hfr 800 Norwoods. British Blue hfrs 800 Hauxley.

Cattle: Limousin x blks 1060, 1040, 1035 West Hall. Limousin hfrs 1075, 1020, 1000, 975 West Hall.