Northumberland Livestock


May 30

North East Livestock Sales sold 49 prime cattle and OTM’s, 1072 sheep comprising 662 Lambs 191 hoggs and 219 cast ewes.

Cattle: Butcher’s types in demand with more required weekly. Lim Blks 239p Bilton Farm to Turnbull’s of Alnwick. Lim Hfrs 224p Bilton Farm, 222p Herd Houses, Char Hfrs 218p Craster Heugh. Bel Blue Hfrs 212 Herds House. Lim Strs 1491 Bilton, 1355, 1310 Blagdon Burn 1304 East Coldside. Angus Strs 1310 Warton, 1308 South East. Char Hfrs 1325, 1293 The Heugh. Lim Hfrs 1321 Bilton, 1319 Blagdon Burn, 1317 Craster Heugh.

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Cows: Better show of cows forward this week, Lim 136p Moor House. Char Cows 134p Fram Hill. Angus Cows 130p 127p. Fries Cows 965. Angus Cows 933, 855.

Lambs: A great show of lambs forward this week with numbers and averages up in line with the national trend returning an SQQ 252p.

Texel Lambs 125 Tritlington Hall, 124,122 Gallow Moor, 122 Broom Hall, 121 Brinkburn Newhouses, 120 Thrunton Red House, 118 Boulmer Hall, 118 Sharperton Edge, 117 Felton Demesne, 117 South Lyham, 116 Chester Hill, 116 South Carter Moor, 115 Marshall Meadows, 115 Fowberry Moor. Char Lambs 114 Corn Hill, 112 Gallow Moor. Suffolk Lambs 109 Thrunton Red House, 109 Tritlington Hall. Beltex Lambs 113 Pigdon, 111.50 Fowberry Moor, 110 Low Steads, 109 Grange Houses.

Beltex 276p South Carter Moor, 276p Brinkburn Newhouses, 268p 265p Marshall Meadows, 266p Thrunton Red House, 263p Pigdon, Texel 277p, 271p Low Steads, 272p Tritlington, 264p Thrunton Red House, 264p Marshall Meadows, 263p Sharperton Edge, 263p 4 Pigdon Cottages, 260p Grange Houses. Suffolk 264p Gallow Moor, 257 Chester Hill, 255p Fowberry Moor, 254p Grange Houses.

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Hoggs: A very mixed show of hoggs on offer with less meat about, but quality hoggs still wanted. Texel 105 Old Felton, 100 Ingoe Low Hall, 100 Hipsburn, 92 Norwoods, 90 Hepscott Manor. Suffolk 85 Braeside, 81 Stamford.

Ewes: All ewes a similar trade with more required weekly.

Texel Rams 124 Old Felton.. Texel’s Ewes 128 West Hills, 107 Pasture House, 105 South Carter Moor, 105,100 Ingoe Low Hall. Suffolk Ewes 98, Herds House, 96 Ingoe Low Hall, 95 Dene House, 94 Broom Hall. Mule 81 Howick Estates, 81 Dene House, 79 Brinkburn Newhouses, 77 South Lyham, 75 Tughall, 75 Low Trewhitt. Blackface Ewes 60 The Heugh, 58 West Hills, 54 Debdon.