Northumberland Livestock


March 7

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Sale highlights £101 pen of smart Texel hoggs from JA Riddell, Newstead, and 211.4p per kilo for a pen of Beltex hoggs from Lilburn Estates.

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Leading prices per head: Texel £101 Newstead, £95.50 West Longridge, £88 Kettleburn, £87.50 West Longridge. Greyfaced £96, £87.50 Lilburn Estates, £84, £80 West Longridge. Suffolk £93 Gatherick, £83.50 (two), £83 (two) West Longridge. Blackfaced £90, £82, £82.50 West Longridge. Zwartble £85 Gatherick. North Country Cheviot £78 South Ord. Beltex £74 Lilburn Estates.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 211.4p Lilburn Estates. Texel 200p (two), 198.9p West Longridge, 197.6p Newstead. North Country Cheviot 200p South Ord. Suffolk 198.8p, 197.6p, 195.3p West Longridge, 187p Lilburn Estates. Blackfaced 195.2p West Longridge. Greyfaced 194.4p Lilburn Estates.

Ewes, a moderate show, very dear.

Leading prices per head: Texel £117 Newstead, £99, £97 Mid Edrom, £87 Newstead. Suffolk £115 Newstead, £101 Mid Edrom. Zwartble £89 Gatherick. Greyfaced £59, 8 Mordington Holdings. Blackfaced £40, 8 Mordington Holdings.

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