Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 15th November 2018, 5:00 am

November 8

North East Livestock Sales sold 57 prime cattle including 21 cast cows and 3115 sheep comprising 2223 lambs and 892 cast ewes.

Cattle: uality butcher’s types dearer as Xmas approaches, everything else similar.

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Sale topped with a yearling heifer weighing 508 kg @ 244p £1240 Swarland Old Hall to R Martin, Morpeth.

Lim hfrs 238p, 226p Swarland Old Hall, 241p South Bellshill, 237p Blagdon Burn, 224p Bilton, Lim strs 217p Blagdon Burn, Angus hfrs 219p Hazon House, 214p Hillcrest.

Lim hfrs 1500, 1478 Swarland Old Hall, 1460 South Bellshill, Angus 1260 Blagdon Burn, 1213 Hazon House.

Cows: A plainer show forward but well sold. Saler 951 (120p) White House Folly, Simmental 886 Bilton, Short Horn 807 (118p) Park Farm, 807, 800 (113p, 112p) Redsteads, Aged Angus bull 1010 Raburn Cottage.

Lambs: Shapely export weighted sorts again slightly dearer, quality heavies good to sell, fatter and plainer types still hard to cash. Overall average 168p. SQQ 178p. The sale topped with a pen of hard fed lambs @ 46 k realising £98 from Annsteads.

Beltex 98, 97, 96, 95, 94 Annsteads, 96.50, 90.50 Old Deanham, 93, 88.50 Howick Scar, 88 South Bellshill, 87 Matfen Estate, Texels 95, 89, 87 East Trewick, 93, 90, 87.50, 87 Corneyside, 90 Preston Mains, 89 South Carter Moor, 88.50 Sharperton Edge, 86 Harnham Hall, Clarabad Mill, Suffolk 90 Blagdon Burn, 84 Widdrington, Howick Est, Cheviot 89 High Fodderlee.

Beltex 237p, 229p, 213p, 211p, 209p Annstead, 233p, 209p, 207p Howick Scar, 226p, 212p, 211p Glanton Town, 224p, 210p Old Deanham, 214p, 211p Preston Mains, 212p, 207p, 200p Matfen Est, 207p East Thirston, Texels 205p South Bellshill, Tritlington Hall, 200p Norwoods, Corneyside.

Ewes: Heavy ewes again good to sell others still hesitant especially lighter, very lean sorts. Overall average £57.

Texels 130 East Trewick, 114, 108, 98 Annstead, 100 East Fleetham, 94 Warton, Juries House, 92, 90 Linden Hill Head, Berichon 90 East Trewick, Beltex 90 Clarabad Mill, 88 Fowberry Moor, Suffolk 100, 88 Brinkburn Newhouses, 90, 87 Thrunton Red House, 90 Springhill, Holystone Est, 88 East Fleetham, Low Town, Cheviots 80 High Fodderlee, 75 East Ditchburn, Half bred 83 Nesbit, Mules 69 Clarabad Mill, 60 South East, Brinkheugh, Black Face 41 Broomhall, 37 Birtley Shield, Tex ram 140 Herds House, 90 Fowberry Moor, Beltex rams 100 Herds House, Suff rams 120 Herds House.