Northumberland Livestock


By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th December 2018, 8:14 am
Updated Thursday, 13th December 2018, 8:20 am

December 5

At Wooler on December 5 Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale, along with its Annual Christmas Show and sale of prime sheep.

A cracking show of lambs were forward for the judge of the day, Mr J Curle, who did a thoroughly professional job at judging.

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He awarded the Champion pen of five Beltex.x lambs from local consignor Lilburn Estates.

Reserve Champion went to the same home, with first prize from the Texel.x lamb class.

Champions of the day went on to make £120 or 273ppk.

Outwith the show, all lambs were keenly bid for, with lambs sharper on the week and an average of 183.69ppk, SQQ 197.89p. More lambs could have been sold to vendors’ advantage.

Leading prices per head: Beltex £120, £88 Lilburn Estates, £100, £91, £90 Chillingham Home Farm. Texel £111, £89, £86 Lilburn Estates, £90, £85 East Newburn, £85 Black Heddon. Suffolk £84 Auchencrow Mains, £83.50 Kettleburn, £83 (2), £82 (2) Brockley Hall.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 273p, 200p Lilburn Estates, 238p, 211p, 208p Chillingham Home Farm, 210.5p Yetlington Lane, 197p, 195p Auchencrow Mains. Texel 252p, 202p Lilburn Estates, 207p, 200p Yetlington Lane, 204p Black Heddon, 203p Auchencrow Mains, 200p Kettleburn. Suffolk 192p, 181p, 177p Auchencrow Mains

Ewes saw a brilliant trade, with all vendors going home delighted.

Ewes: Texel £87, £67 Berryhill, £68 Newstead. Suffolk £84, £75 Berryhill, £69 Brockley Hall. Greyfaced £67, £57 Berryhill. Blackfaced £48, £40 Burnside Cottage.