Northumberland Livestock


December 6

North East Livestock Sales Christmas show and sale of prime stock sold 63 cattle and 2112 sheep comprising 1403 lambs and 709 cast ewes and rams.

The show was kindly sponsored by Northumbrian Quality Feeds and Barclays Bank.

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Cattle: The cattle were ably judged by Malcolm Riddell of R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick who awarded the Champion to a smart 14 month old Limousin steer weighing 612k @ 300p £1836 from A&D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall and bought by the judge, also winning the Limousin Society Challenge Cup.

The reserve was a well fleshed Lim heifer 640k @ 275p £1760 from JM Strother & Son, Fowberry Moor also bought by R Turnbull & Sons.

Heifer 1st Fowberry Moor, 2nd South Bellshill. Steer 1st Swarland Old Hall, 2nd Elyhaugh.

Native Breed 1st Burnhouse, 2nd Craster Heugh. Charolais 1st Craster Heugh, 2nd Craster Heugh. Best Young Bull Widdrington. Best Cow Houndalee.

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Other Prices: Lim hfrs 246p, 240p, 234p Low Hall, 234p Elyhaugh, 230p, 218p South Bellshill, 228p Widdrington, BB hfr 220p Fenham Hill, 218p Chibburn, BB bulls 207p (two) Herds House, Lim bull 204p Widdrington.

Lim hfrs 1469, 1456 Low Hall, 1460 Elyhaugh, 1350 South Bellshill, 1335 Fenham Hill, Angus hfrs 1424, 1378, 1346 Crater Heugh, Sim strs 1361, 1351 Fenham Hill, Lim strs 1327 Elyhaugh, Saler strs 1317, 1315 Fenham Hill. Lim cow 1101 (126p) Houndalee, 892 (117p) Goswick, Angus cow 913 (117p) Goswick.

Lambs: The show was judged by J Curle, Bowsden who awarded the Championship to GR Hindmarsh & Sons, Linden Hill Head for a pen of ¾ Texels weighing 44 kg @ £118 to C Siswick (J&B Fitton Ltd).

Heavy Texels 1st Linden Hill Head 110 to D Nicholson, 2nd Annstead 100 to A Atkinson, Light Beltex 1st Low Espley 112 to Vivers Scotlamb, 2nd Hemelspeth 92 to Yorkshire Halal Meat, Heavy Beltex 1st Annstead 108 to D Nicholson, 2nd Annstead 119 to N Whitelaw, Suffolk 1st East Ditchburn 85 to West Scottish Lamb, 2nd East Ditchburn 85 to A Atkinson, Continental 1st Burnhouse 5 to Farmers Fresh, 2nd Fenham Hill 90 to A Atkinson, Cheviot 1st Warton 84 to A Atkinson, 2nd East Ditchburn 86 to A Atkinson, Best Mules Blagdon Burn 80 to Farmers Fresh, Best Black Face Blagdon Burn 80 to Yorkshire Halal Meat, Shepherds Pairs 1st M Gray, Low Espley £105, 2nd D Proctor Swarland Old Hall £103, Best Dressed Lilburn Estate £110.

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Other Prices: Beltex 116, 110, 108.50, 108 Annstead, 113, 105 Low Espley, 101.50, 97 Glanton Town, 100 Cramond Hill, 98.50 Lilburn Estate, 98, 97 Howick Scar, Texels 110, 102, 100 Annstead, 103, 97 Swarland Old Hall, 101 East Trewick, 98 Warton, 96, 90 Halton Red House, 94 Clarabad Mill, Suffolks 106 Brockley Hall, 92.50 Warton, 92 Howlett Hall, 90.50 South Bellshill.

Beltex 289p, 276p, 259p, 258p Annstead, 273p, 263p, 233p Low Espley, 254p, 237p, 235p, 233p Glanton Town, 243p, 240p Keepwick, 242p, 237p Howick Scar, 238p, 233p Cramond Hill, 230p, 224p Low Town, 222p Hemelspeth, Texels 268p Linden Hill Head, 231p Glanton, 224p Lilburn Estate, 219p Westhills, Tritlington.

Ewes: All classes similar, overall average £62.

Texels 122 Middleton Mill, 120, 100 East Trewick, 100 Make Me Rich, Byrecleugh, Burradon Mains, 98 Fenham Hill, Beltex 96 Cramond Hill, Keepwick, 94 Tritlington, Suffolks 100 Fenham Hill, 97 Thrunton Red House, 96 Yetlington, Mules 71 Haugh Head, 65 Dovecote, East Newham, 64 Berryhill, 60 Waterside, Black Face 56 Holystone, 48 Yetlington, 46 Shirlawhope, 45 Boulmer, 44 Linhope, Cheviot 74 High Fodderlee, Suffolk Rams 124 Lilburn, 108 Edlingham Demesne, Texel rams 122 Longwitton, 100 Sharperton Edge, High Trewhitt, Leics rams 118 Lilburn.

December 10

All classes of cattle good to sell with long keep lambs forward very dear.

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Lambs: Texels 74.50, 71.50 Hagdon Moor, 74.50, 68.50 Blossom Plantation, Charollais x 65.50, 63 Coneygarth, 63.50, 60 Belsay Barns, Mules 60 Coneygarth. Calves: Limousin blks 810 Sandylands, Charolais blks 785, 770 Sandylands, Angus blks 720 Belsay Barns, British Blue hfrs 615, 680 Morwick, Cattle Simmental blks 1100 Fowberry, MRI blks 1050, 900 White House Folly, Mont blks 980, 805 White House Folly, Angus hfrs 1090, 800 Fowberry.