Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 17th January 2019, 5:00 am

January 3

North East Livestock Sales sold 59 prime cattle and 2,193 sheep, comprising 1,637 hoggs and 556 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle: A varietal show of quality and weight, but everything nicely away.

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British Blue hfrs 228p Herds House. Lim hfrs 227p, 216p Make Me Rich, 222p Fowberry Moor, 220p, 216p Chibburn. Angus hfrs 211p Sharperton Edge.

Sim x bulls 195p Herds House. Lim strs 212p, 208p Make Me Rich.

Lim strs 1419, 1315, 1300 Make Me Rich. Angus strs 1400 Sharperton Edge, 1337, 1304 Chibburn, 1323 East Coldside.

Char hfrs 1302 Hemscott Hill. Lim hfrs 1300, 1275 Make Me Rich.

Char bulls 1306 Hemscott Hill.

BB cows 888 (119p) Trewhitt Steads.

Hoggs: A fast trade for all classes with fewer Continentals and more hill and mules coming forward. Overall average 192p. SQQ 200p.

Sale was topped with Texel tup hoggs 132, 120, 116 Unthank, 125, 120 Swarland Old Hall.

Beltex hoggs 116, 114, 107 Unthank, 105.50 High Learchild, 100 Swarland Old Hall. Texels 108 Berryhill, 106 Redsteads (Young), 105.50, 103.50 Make Me Rich, 104, 99 Low Hall. Suffolks 106 Broomhall, 105, 104.50, 103 Thrunton, 99 Howick Estate.

Beltex 234p, 222p Broomhall, 233p Colliery Farm, 227p Loanend, South Bellshill, 226p East Trewick, 223p Pigdon. Texels 224p Preston Mains, Newham, 223p Howick Estate, 221p South Bellshill, Crescent Farm, 220p South Carter Moor, Make Me Rich.

Ewes: All classes similar, overall average £65.

Beltex 135 Swarland Old Hall, 128, 126, 92 Hemelspeth. Texels 110 Swarland Old Hall, 102 White House Folly, 100 Houndalee, East Town, 97 Make Me Rich. Suffolks 104 Buston, 100 East Coldside, 95 Cockhill, 94 Dovecote, Make Me Rich, Fowberry Moor.

Mules 70 Low Hall, 68 Make Me Rich, 65 Houndalee. Black Face 58 Grindon Hill, 56, 50 Blagdon Burn, 50 Haugh Head, Redsteads. Chev/Mule 73 North Swinhoe.

Suffolk rams 120 Haugh Head, 100 Brockley Hall. Texel rams 108, 100 Haugh Head. Leics rams 87 Grindon Hill. Lleyn rams 94 Netherton. Black Face rams 88 Grindon.