Northumberland Livestock


By The Newsroom
Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 10:53 am

April 23

Harrison and Hetherington held its fortnightly sale of store cattle at Wooler Mart, with a quality show forward and vendors returning home delighted with the day’s trading.

Topping the day’s trading was E Stafford & Son, Brockley Hall, with a superb pen of Limousin steers realising £1060. Pence per kilo was topped by G Hubb, Oak Dene Grange, with a Limousin steer making 271.7p per kilo.

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Leading prices per head - Steers: Limousin: £1060, £1040, £1000, £955 Brockley Hall, £885 South Ord, £875 Shotton. Aberdeen Angus: £940, £860, £840, £830 Springhill, Berwick. Beef Shorthorn: £840 Springhill, Berwick.

Leading prices per head. Heifers: Aberdeen Angus £950, £890 South Ord, £710, £700 Shotton. Limousin £850 (two) Hillcrest Livestock, £845, £825 Brockley Hall. Simmental £710, £690 Shotton. British Blue £690, £670 Oak Dene Grange.

Leading prices per kilo. Steers: Limousin 271p Oak Dene Grange, 253p Shotton, 242p, 226p, 223p South Ord. British Blue 246p Oak Dene Grange. Aberdeen Angus 233p, 228p, 215p Springhill, Berwick. Beef Shorthorn 233p, 228p Springhill, Berwick. Hereford 218p Springhill, Berwick. Other 205p Springhill, Berwick.

Leading prices per kilo. Heifers: Limousin 244p, 233p Shotton, 218p Hillcrest Livestock. British Blue 216p Oak Dene Grange. Aberdeen Angus 211p 206p South Ord, 206p Shotton.

April 24

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly primestock sale of sheep, comprising hoggs and ewes.

More hoggs forward, returns similar on the week.

Leading hogg prices per head. Texel £94, £90, Newstead, £91 Blackcruik, £90 Greenhead, Reston, Shepherds Cottage, Barmoor Red House, Fawdon Farms and Craigs House, £86.50, £85 Springhill, Seahouses, £86 East Newburn and Shipley Smallburn. Suffolk £92, £85 Fawdon Farms, £91.50 Craigs House, £89 Blackcruik. North Country Cheviot £88.50, £87, £85, £82 South Ord. Greyfaced £87 Fawdon Farms.

Leading hogg prices per kilo. North Country Cheviot 202.4p, 201.1p, 197.7p, 197.6p South Ord. Texel 202.2p, 190.7p Craigs House, 198.9p Springhill, Seahouses, 195.5p East Newburn, 195.3p Shipley Smallburn.

Ewes. Mixed show forward, big ewes easily sold.

Leading prices. Suffolk £117 Fawdon Farms, £110, £90 Blackcruik, £92 Barelees, £89 Primside, £81 Bowmont Hill and Springhill, Seahouses. Texel £100 Shepherds Cottage, £100, £80 Greenhead, Reston, £99 Black Heddon, £90 Primside, £87 (two) Barelees, £85, £81 Shipley Smallburn. Greyfaced £80 Kettleburn, £75 East Newburn, £70 Primside. Half Bred £71 Blackcruik. Jacob £61, £50 Blackcruik. Blackfaced £55 Fawdon Farms.