Northumberland County Council - Roads clearance update

Northumberland County Council says that clearing roads in rural locations might not take place until Sunday and could run into next week, as the authority focuses efforts on primary routes.

Northumberland County Council has issued a roads clearance update.
Northumberland County Council has issued a roads clearance update.

A statement from the county council said: 'Over the coming days teams are having to prioritise clearing the primary roads and once we are confident conditions are not deteriorating and are under control, we will then start moving out onto secondary routes and then other main roads into settlements on a needs basis, considering largest settlements first.

'Realistically it's likely to be into Sunday before we will be able to start getting into the more rural /smaller locations, and given the numbers affected this activity will continue into next week.

'If you are cut-off by the snow and there are any urgent issues genuinely affecting your health or well-being you need to let us know. The best way of doing this is online (via the report an untreated icy road). When completing the form please list the health and well-being issues that are of concern. Alternatively people can call the contact centre with details on 0345 600 6400.

'However, if it is a genuine emergency then you should dial 999 and ask for the Police or Fire and Rescue as appropriate.'