Northumberland County Council responds to ‘shoddy’ pothole repairs

Potholes in Northumberland on Monday
Potholes in Northumberland on Monday

Northumberland County Council has responded after it was slammed over ‘shoddy workmanship’ on a rural road.

Pothole repairs carried out by the council near Alwinton on Monday have been roundly criticised.

A spokesperson said: “During severe weather of the type that we are currently experiencing, roads can deteriorate very rapidly and large potholes appear quickly.

“As a council, we need to respond quickly to ensure that the road is kept safe and we carry out a temporary repair until a permanent repair can be made. That’s what we have done in this case.

“Because of the geography of Northumberland, the remote nature of some of our roads and the severe weather that prevails in these areas, carrying out these repairs can be challenging. However, our teams continue to react in a professional manner to ensure that repairs are completed as quickly as possible.”

Rothbury’s county councillor Steven Bridgett was sent pictures of the work on the road to Clennell Hall which had left him ‘speechless’.

He said that a tar-based filler had just been ‘put on top of the snow’.

“I’m sure many will be surprised to hear this but, for once, words fail me,” Coun Bridgett said. “There is simply no way to defend filling in potholes on top of snow – what a waste of money.”

He also added: “There is absolutely no way this can be defended and I have reported it to senior management at County Hall.”

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