Northumberland county council to remove loose roof slates in town centres

Northumberland county council seeks to make sure falling loose slates and other debris on roofs caused by Arwen do not harm the public.

By Joshua Wright
Friday, 3rd December 2021, 11:03 am
Updated Friday, 3rd December 2021, 11:03 am
Storm Arwen has damaged thousands of roofs across the county.
Storm Arwen has damaged thousands of roofs across the county.

The severe high winds caused unprecedented damage to buildings across the county and the council’s building control officers have been inundated with reports of dangerous structures.

The officers are responding to reports and undertaking inspections where possible, but due to the risk from roof debris, the council will be checking the rooftops in shopping centres and public walkways to ensure there is no immediate risk to the public walking in these areas.

Workmen and cherry pickers, which can reach the high rooftops, are being deployed to Ashington and Blyth town centres, which on inspection, have been found to be the hardest-hit areas.

The Keel Row shopping centre in Blyth has been closed this weekend after a structural survey revealed parts were not safe.

Due to the extensive damage that has been caused by the storm, the council is also advising the public to take care and protect their own safety by looking out for any problems as they go about their daily lives and not entering any areas, or removing barriers that have been put in place to fence off dangerous structures

Philip Soderquest, head of housing and public protection at Northumberland County Council said: “A number of business premises have slates hanging in the guttering.

"We are working quickly to remove these before any future winds cause them to dislodge and fall which could be hazardous to anyone in the area below.”

If you know of a business in a town centre with loose roof tiles, report it via [email protected]