NORTHUMBERLAND CAMERA CLUB: Always on the hunt for great light to match photograph

Photography literally means '˜light drawing'.

Saturday, 15th December 2018, 3:17 pm
Updated Saturday, 15th December 2018, 3:23 pm
John Holden.

Photographers are always hunting for great light to match the photo they are taking whether that be the pinpoints of Christmas decorations at night, the golden glow of dawn, or the gloomy mirk of a dull afternoon.

These past couple of weeks we have seen some smashing photos that made great use of the available light and this eclectic mix really caught my eye.

Valerie Seaward.

I hope you all have the chance to carry on taking photos right up until Christmas.

This week’s challenge words are Fragile and Liquid. Keep on clicking!

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Claire Wallace.
Caroline Harrison.
Michael Wilson.
Peter Fairless.
Stuart Patterson.
Fergus Currie.