Northumberland A1 roadworks to be removed for Easter escapees

Recent roadworks on the A1.
Recent roadworks on the A1.

Stretches of the A1 in Northumberland are among 550 miles of highways in the country to have roadworks lifted in time for the Easter holiday rush.

The Highways Agency is removing the roadworks to ease congestion and make for smoother journeys during the bank holiday weekend. The Agency aims to complete or lift 209 sets of roadworks countrywide by Thursday, April 2.

The sets of roadworks on the A1 in Northumberland to be completed are:

Berwick (near Berwick): Sign erection – 2 miles.

Smeafield (near Berwick): Culvert repairs – 1.6 miles.

North Charlton (near Alnwick): Sign erection – 1.4 miles.

Brownieside (near Alnwick): Sign erection – 0.9 miles.

Detchant (near Berwick): Safety improvement. 0.8 miles.

Wandylaw (near Berwick): Sign erection – 0.7 miles.

Cheswick (near Berwick): Sign erection – 0.8 miles.

Scremerston (near Berwick): Sign erection – 1.1 miles.

Highways Agency director of customer operations Simon Sheldon-Wilson said: “This Easter, we’re helping drivers with their journeys by clearing roadworks across the majority of motorways and major A-roads in England. By suspending or completing roadworks, more lanes will be open and many of the associated speed restrictions will be lifted. We’ve worked closely with other transport providers to ensure our network can cope with increased demand due to closures on the railways and we’re pleased to say that 96.8 per cent of our roads will be free of work to help Easter road trips go smoothly.”

For those looking to travel further afield, roadworks will be also completed at these other locations in the country:

M18 J4 – 5 (near Doncaster): Barrier Renewal – 0.6 miles.

M62 J33 Ferrybridge / A162 (near Wakefield): Resurfacing works – 0.6 miles.

A64 Pickering I/C to Brambling Fields (near Malton): Resurfacing works – 2 miles.

A64 Barton Hill (near Malton): Resurfacing works – 0.4 miles.

A64 Staxton to Seamer (near Scarborough): Resurfacing works – 2.9 miles.

A64 Askham Bryan (near York): Sign improvement – 1.4 miles.

A63 Mytongate to Garrison Rd (near Hull): Resurfacing works -2 miles.

A1T Wentbridge to Darrington (near Wakefield): Removal of bus stops – 2.2 miles.

A1T Middlefield Lane, Kirk Smeaton (near Wakefield): Installation of barriers to close Middlefield Lane – 0.5 miles.

A1T Skellow (near Doncaster): Removal of bus stops – 0.6 miles.

A1T Redhouse to Skellow (near Doncaster): Installation of barriers to close Leys Lane – 0.6 miles.

A1T Darrington to Wentbridge (near Wakefield): Layby closure – 1 miles.

A1M J38 Redhouse (near Doncaster): Barrier renewal – 0.6 miles.

M180 J3 to M181 Frodingham (near Scunthorpe): Barrier renewal – 3.8 miles.

M18 J5 Ings (near Doncaster): Carriageway widening scheme – 1.6 miles.

M180 J2 (near Scunthorpe): Barrier renewal – 0.9 miles.

A57 Hattersley R/bout (near Hyde): Resurfacing works – 0.9 miles.

A1033 Northern Gateway to South Coates (near Hull): Construction of new public right of way – 0.3 miles.

M6 J37-38 (near Tebay): Drainage and surfacing works – 1 miles.

M6 J43-45 (near Carlisle): Road marking renewal – 2 miles.

M6 J41-42 (near Carlisle): Topographical Survey works – 2 miles.

A66 (near Penrith): Sign renewal – 2 miles.

A66 (near Keswick): Survey works – 1 miles.

A590 (near Hincaster): Construction of new Variable Message Signs (VMS) – 1 miles.

A590 (near Dalton): Construction of new Variable Message Signs – 1 miles.

A590 (near Witherslack): Kerb drainage works – 2 miles.

M6 (near Carnforth): Construction of new Variable Message Signs (VMS) – 1 miles.

M6 (near Lancaster): Verge renewals – 2 miles.

A590 (near Little Singleton): Widening works – 1 miles.

A66 Little Burdon to Teesside Park (near Stockton on Tees): Electrical works – 16 miles.

A66 Rokeby (near Barnard Castle): LNMS – 2.5 miles.

A66 Neasham Road to Little Burdon (near Darlington): Electrical works – 0.2 miles.

A1M Junction 63 (near Gateshead): Junction improvement – 1 miles.

A1M Junction 56 to 65 (near Darlington/Gateshead): White lining – 2 miles.

A19 Seaton Burn (near Newcastle): Junction improvement – 8 miles.

A1 Warreners House (near Newcastle): Surveys – 3.6 miles.

A19 Fisher Lane to Moor Farm (near Newcastle): Surveys – 4.2 miles.

A38 Manadon (near Plymouth): Westbound entry slip road improvements – 1 miles.

A30 Bodmin (near Bodmin): Eastbound VRS improvement scheme – 2.5 miles.

A30 Bodmin (near Bodmin): Westbound VRS improvement scheme – 2.2 miles.

A30 Sourton (near Okehampton): Resurfacing eastbound & westbound carriageway – 24 miles.

M4 J18 (near Bath): Resurfacing – 0.5 miles.

M4 J18 (near Bath): Resurfacing – 0.5 miles.

M4 J15 (near Swindon): Resurfacing – 0.5 miles.

M5 J27 (near Tiverton): Widening, signals, street lighting improvements – 0.5 miles.

M5 J30 (near Exeter): Widening works – 0.5 miles.

M5 J28-29 (near Exeter): Barrier works – 4.5 miles.

M5 J23-24 (near Bridgwater): Structure works – 2 miles.

M5 J9 (near Tewkesbury): Resurfacing – 0.5 miles.

M48 Severn Bridge (near Chepstow): Maintenance – 2 miles.

A40 (near Gloucester): Widening and improvements – 0.5 miles.

M4 J17-18 (near Chippenham): Barrier works – 4 miles.

A2 Patrixbourne (near Canterbury): Bridge joint replacement – 1.88 miles.

A2 Wincheap (near Canterbury): Bridge Maintenance – 5 miles.

A20 Roundhill Tunnel (near Folkestone): Central reservation investigation work – 1.5 miles.

A20 Western Heights (near Dover): Licensee works – 11.8 miles.

A20 Folkestone junction (near Folkestone): Fencing barrier replacement – 1 miles.

A20 Samphire Road (near Dover): Fencing barrier replacement – 4.13 miles.

A21 Whatlington (near Hastings): Drainage repairs – 0.75 miles.

A21 Whatlington (near Hastings): Drainage investigations – 1.19 miles.

A21 Hurst Green (near Hurst Green): White lining – 0.63 miles.

A23 Handcross (near Crawley): Widening the carriageway – 7.81 miles.

A23 Handcross (near Crawley): Pavement investigation – 0.7 miles.

A23 Hickstead (near Hickstead): Barrier inspections – 5.5 miles.

A259 Belle Hill (near Bexhill): Link road development works – 0.5 miles.

A259 Guestling (near Winchelsea): Carriageway resurfacing – 0.56 miles.

A259 Brenzett to Pevensey (near Hastings): Signage installation – 1 miles.

A27 Emsworth (near Chichester): Licensee works – 0.31 miles.

A27 Fontwell (near Arundel): Lighting replacement work – 1.25 miles.

A27 Arundel (near Arundel): Drainage work – 0.75 miles.

A27 Offington Roundabout (near Chichester): Pavement investigation – 1.06 miles.

A27 Old Shoreham Road (near Lancing): Cable installation for lighting – 1.63 miles.

A27 Sussex Pad (near Worthing): Carriageway resurfacing – 1.13 miles.

M23 Horley (near Crawley): Carriageway resurfacing – 1.13 miles.

M23 junction 9 (near Crawley): Carriageway resurfacing – 0.75 miles.

M2 junction 4 to 5 (near Medway): Carriageway resurfacing – 7.5 miles.

M2 junction 4 to 5 (near Sittingbourne): Tree removal landscape works – 9.44 miles.

M2 junction 1 to 2 (near Medway): Carriageway investigation – 4.75 miles.

M2 junction 3 to 4 (near Medway): Central reservation investigation work – 5 miles.

M2 junction 3 to 4 (near Medway): Signage installation – 1.56 miles.

M20 junction 10 (near Ashford): Traffic signal renewal – 11.88 miles.

M20 junction 7 to 8 (near Maidstone): White lining – 3.31 miles.

M20 junction 7 (near Maidstone): Technology upgrade – 0.94 miles.

M20 junction 13 (near Folkestone): Fencing barrier replacement – 5 miles.

M20 junction 6 to 7 (near Maidstone): Electrical work – 1.19 miles.

M25 Anticlockwise to M4 Westbound Link roads (near West Drayton): High friction surfacing – 1.3 miles.

M25 Anticlockwise to M4 Eastbound link roads (near West Drayton): High friction surfacing – 1.4 miles.

M25 J10-9 (near Leatherhead): Pavement repairs – 4.7 miles.

M25 J10 entry slip (near Leatherhead): Pavement repairs – 0.3 miles.

A282 West Tunnel (near Dartford): Construction, improving and upgrading – 0.8 miles.

A282 J1a entry slip (near Dartford): Construction, improving and upgrading – 0.1 miles.

A1 / A47 (near Peterborough): Resurfacing, white lining and road studs – 4 miles.

A47 J18 (near Peterborough): Bridge maintenance – 3 miles.

A12 J30 (near Colchester): Average speed cameras – 2 miles.

A14 (near Ipswich): Carriageway patching, drainage and safety fence repairs – 4 miles.

M1 J24-25 (near Derby): Survey works – 2 miles.

M1 J23-23a (near Loughborough): Survey works – 5 miles.

M1 J23 (near Loughborough): Structure works – 1 miles.

A1 Long Bennington-Barrowby (near Grantham): Survey works – 5 miles.

A1 Barrowby-Harlaxton (near Grantham): Survey works – 2.75 miles.

A1 Wothorpe-Tickencote (near Stamford): Survey works – 5 miles.

A5 Weedon (near Daventry): Carriageway repairs – 0.25 miles.

A5 Weedon (near Daventry): Carriageway repairs – 0.25 miles.

A5 Old Stratford-Heathcote (near Towcester): Survey works – 0.5 miles.

A5 Crick (near Rugby): Carriageway repairs -0.75 miles.

A38 Allestree-Little Eaton (near Derby): Carriageway resurfacing works – 1.25 miles.

A38 Palm Court-Little Eaton (near Derby): Electrical works – 4 miles.

A38 Findern (near Derby): Drainage works – 2 miles.

A38 (M1) J28 (near Alfreton): Carriageway resurfacing works – 3.75 miles.

A38 Burnaston-Findern (near Derby): Electrical works – 2.25 miles.

A43 Tove (near Towcester): Junction improvement – 2.5 miles.

A43 Towcester-Brackley (near Brackley): Signing and lining works – 5 miles.

A43 Padbury-Ardley (near Bicester): Junction improvement – 1.25 miles.

A45 Chowns Mill (near Rushden): Survey works – 1.5 miles.

A45 (M1) J15-Queen Eleanor (near Northampton): Carriageway repairs – 2.5 miles .

A45 Great Doddington (near Wellingborough): Survey works – 2 miles .

A45 Wellingborough-Great Doddington (near Wellingborough): Survey works – 1.75 miles.

A46 Syston-Anstey (near Leicester): Drainage works.