North Sunderland WI

MAIN MEETING: The AGM, attended by 20 members, was opened by our retiring president, Mrs Walton. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Mrs Sandra MacFarlane. These were accepted and signed. Our retiring secretary, Mrs Wood, gave her report, mentioning that events had been well supported. Mrs Sandra MacFarlane is taking over the duties of secretary. We all expressed our sincere thanks to the retiring president and secretary who had each given us several years of service with our branch.

Our treasurer’s report was favourable in spite of rising costs. The correspondence was brief, mainly consisting of the Jubilee bulbs which will be planted soon.

The closing date for the Howick Hall outing is April 26.

Mrs Minto reported that our last pub lunch, held at Sunny Hills, Belford, was very successful and enjoyable. Our next one will be at the Cottage Inn, Dunstan on Saturday, April 28.

Our WI advisor, Mrs Alison Strong, came along to give her support. She updated us with regard to the various functions of the WI and, in particular, the different classes at Denman college.

It is always interesting to learn of events and functions in other branches and parts of the country and she had some amusing incidents to tell us. She then advised us as to the procedure for the election of new officers. These were Mrs P Minto who will be president. The new committee members were elected, plus the treasurer.

We were very grateful to Mrs Strong for her guidance and assistance and then we all sat down to a supper of home-made cheese scones and fruit cake.

The competition: A Flower in a Cup was won by Mrs G McLaughlan, Mrs S MacFarlane, Mrs D Edmisson and Mrs S Dixon. Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 3, when Ms Paula Constantine will talk to us regarding Medieval Memorabilia.