North Sunderland, Seahouses WI, January meeting

Meeting was murder

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15th January 2016, 5:00 am
Seahouses harbour
Seahouses harbour

Mrs Minto welcomed all present, comprising 22 members and eight visitors from Bamburgh, to North Sunderland and Seahouses WI.

She explained that the business section would be brief and that the evening would quickly proceed to the main event – Murder Mystery. This proved to be very entertaining under the sharp eye of our detective Judith Stephenson.

The scene opened with all members sitting, as though for a high-class afternoon tea, wearing posh hats. Six members were at a table, all suspects, whilst the onlookers were encouraged to watch and listen closely to check any alibi. The suspects consisted of the lady wife, the vicar’s wife, the sister of the lady of the manor, and two very colourful characters of doubtful repute, plus the maid, who kept our glasses and cake plates filled.

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The investigation was in three sections and the other tables, each having six to eight ladies, would be invited to cross-examine. At the same time the suspects did not know who the guilty culprit was, and when finally the guilty lady did say “it was me”, only one table had guessed correctly. The members on that table won the raffle prize.

Each alibi was highly entertaining, down to the frumpish sister admitting having danced in the Moulin Rouge, and one of the gaudily-clad ladies admitted meeting “Sir” earlier in the garden.

Towards the close of the evening, members settled down to discussing various topics, mainly the Resolutions that had been put forward to go to the AGM. Also to finalise the arrangements for our birthday party in February, when it is hoped to have some local schoolchildren and their music.

Finally, the competition ‘A lethal weapon’ was judged. The winners were: Mrs S Dixon with an unusual catapult; Mrs M Turner, an Arabic type letter opener; Mrs Mary Rawlings, a ferocious-looking hammer.

The happy evening drew to a close, all members donning raincoats and hats for the very wet night.

Our birthday party will be held on Tuesday, February 2. Come along and join us. A pooled supper will be served.