North Sunderland, Seahouses WI

Seahouses (south) beach)
Seahouses (south) beach)

Twenty-three members enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea at Doxford Hall Hotel on Thursday, November 5.

This was to commemorate the introduction of the WI movement which began in 1915 – to enable the housewives to make the most of sewing, gardening and cooking while their husbands, sons and fathers were in France.

During the First World War food was not rationed and it was a case of how much money and wealth a family had to live on – hence the necessity of “Making do and mend”. We raised our teacups in memory as the Women’s Institute has proved to be invaluable over the years, introducing crafts, competitions and the opening of Denham Residential College. The WI has also been instrumental in forwarding Resolutions, these included the plight of the honey bee and bringing to the attention of everyone the necessity of Care not Custody – this is one of the present Resolutions.

At our November meeting our members were introduced to the magic of making marzipan figures, some of Santa, some very good indeed. The Christmas lunch this year will be at the Links Hotel on Thursday, December 11, and our Christmas party will be on Tuesday, December 1, when we will have the children from Seahouses Middle School and their excellent music. This will be followed by a quiz.

We always welcome new members and visitors. We meet on the first Tuesday in each month so come along and enjoy.