North Sunderland parish news

COUN David Donaldson raised concerns that bollards had still not been installed along the seafront to prevent double parking during the holiday season.

He pointed out that he had first brought up the issue, between Shoreton Hall road end and Broad Road end, about 16 months ago in the hope that something would be in place for this Easter and the holiday season.

While some work had been done in the area to cut back the undergrowth from the path, he said that this would only exacerbate the problem as there was more space for cars to park.

“We are going to have double parking all along the road and single-lane traffic along the Northumberland Coastal Route,” he said.

“What is the county council thinking of? What are they doing?

“We chose the design of the bollards about six or seven months ago.”

County Coun Pat Scott, who has offered to fund the bollards from her members’ small schemes allowance, said that someone new had taken over responsibility for it at the county council.

The parish council is to write to remind the county council that it needs doing and has been going on for a long time.

Chairman Coun Geoffrey Stewart also pointed out that they wanted repairs to the wall at the War Memorial roundabout completed by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

MEMBERS want the toilets in Seahouses to be opened longer outside peak summer times.

Currently they are open from 8.30am to 6pm between March and June and in September and October, and from 8.30am until 8pm from July to September.

Coun Stewart said that people had complained that they were not open, but he warned that if they were damaged, they would be closed.

Coun Philip Brabban said: “They have to be closed at night.

“I don’t want to be pessimistic but we all know what will happen.”

Coun David Shiel pointed out that tourists visited the village all year round and not just in the summer.

“There’s as many people walking on the beach in winter as there are in summer,” he added.

Members agreed to open the toilets until 8pm from now until the summer and see how it worked.

THE trees at William Davidson’s site on the industrial estate, which have been removed, won’t be able to be replaced there because of a ‘substantial boundary wall’.

But permission is to be sought to plant trees further along, on land belonging to the Lord Crewe trustees.

If allowed, Coun Scott will get the Young Rangers to plant the trees and get payment from the Davidsons, who agreed to pay for them.

Coun Donaldson suggested getting a tree preservation order on the industrial estate to prevent the same issue arising again with trees needed for screening.

THE county council has cancelled its contract with M & M, which has done grass cutting in the Seahouses area since 1993.

The parish council received a letter thanking the firm for its support and asking if anyone has any suggestions for work to pass them on.

Coun Stewart was annoyed because the grass used to be cut 16 times a year, while the county council will only do it 13 times, and the extra three would cost the parish £1,500.

Coun Scott pointed out that Seahouses First School was coming out of the county council’s ground maintenance scheme so she will pass on M & M’s details to the school.

MEMBERS put forward several suggestions to help make the area look better.

The county council asked for parish councils to put forward areas of land that could be used for tree planting.

Coun Scott said: “The Young Rangers are doing a great job at Quarryfields, they are ahead of the game on this.”

Coun Donaldson suggested the area of land between the old and new Beadnell roads.

The Northumberland Coast AONB is pushing parishes to bid for leftover funding to put electricity cables underground.

Members put forward King Street and Main Street, which has overground cables on one side, as possible sites.

Coun Brabban said: “It would benefit the residents if it was underground.”

COUN Tom Orrin told members that the village’s bus services have returned to normal in the new timetable.

He also praised Arriva for including the Travelsure services in its timetable for the first time.

l TWO plaques need to be bought for the Jubilee trees as they are planted in two sets of three.

Coun Stewart also told members that the fire brigade had agreed to water the trees periodically.

l COUN Bill Weekes raised a query about whether a site could be found for a skate park, but members said that the Seahouses Development Trust is looking into it.

lGUIDANCE from the county council said that solar panels only needed planning permission in certain cases, in response to a query at the last meeting by Coun Alan Trotter regarding The Bunker.

l COUN Maureen Bramley raised concerns about a manhole cover outside the chemists on Main Street which is sticking up and a trip hazard.

l AN area of fence between the old railway line and factory site is unsupported with the posts hanging in the air, although it was reported that there was some new fencing which may have rectified this issue.

l COUN Donaldson alerted members to contact details for anyone interested in joining a buying consortium for heating oil.

l RAYMOND Clark was co-opted as a new councillor.

l MEMBERS were thanked for their donations to Community Action Northumberland (CAN) and Age UK Northumberland.

l THE next meeting will take place at 7pm on Monday, May 14, in the Sheltered Housing Community Centre, Stone Close, Seahouses.