North Sunderland Parish Council: Wildlife crime, loo locks and whalebone

PC Mark Lynn gave the parish council a comprehensive overview of wildlife crime '“ the legislation, how it affects north Northumberland and how the police try to tackle it '“ at Monday's meeting.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 5:00 am
A selection of traps and snares used to catch animals.

It includes shooting birds, illegal trapping – some example of traps and snares are pictured above, hare coursing, badger-sett interference and illegal fishing.

• Coun David Donaldson reminded the parish council about the whalebone arch which is currently on the Seahouses First School site.

As the first school is becoming a primary school and moving to the middle school site later this year, members agreed to contact the county council now to request that the arch is moved to a public location in the village when the site is vacated.

• PC Lynn told the meeting that there had been three crimes in the period since the February meeting; shoplifting at the Co-op for which someone had been identified on CCTV, a break-in at the hostel at St Paul’s Church in which food was stolen and damage to a building. In terms of anti-social behaviour, youths had been using the garden of a property in James Street belonging to an elderly lady, with pizza boxes and excrement left there.

• Timelocks have yet to be installed on the public toilets, due to a change in staff at the county council, but work to replace the roof of the shed in the cemetery has been completed. The next task is to insulate the building inside.