North Sunderland Parish Council: White lines return, parking and protection order

The central white line on King Street in Seahouses has been reinstated after a failed traffic-calming trial.

White lines being painted on the road into Seahouses.
Picture by Jane Coltman
White lines being painted on the road into Seahouses. Picture by Jane Coltman

North Sunderland Parish Council discussed the issue again at its meeting on Monday night, but by the following day, the lines were being repainted.

Last year, the B1340 was resurfaced from Beadnell to the roundabout where King Street meets Main Street in Seahouses. Before the white lines were repainted, parish councillors agreed to try something different in a bid to tackle speeding – a six-month trial of no central white line plus advisory cycle lanes on King Street.

However, the cycle lanes never materialised, but the central white line was not repainted. In November, the council asked for the white line to be reinstated as the six months were up.­

• Proposed parking restrictions on Main Street in North Sunderland will not be introduced as there was no consensus among residents in the area.

The county council carried out a consultation, which closed at the end of November, about introducing parking restrictions, potentially seasonal, on the section of Main Street near the cemetery.

However, the responses showed that four residents were in favour, seven were against and one was undecided, leading to a recommendation that the restrictions should not be implemented.

• A request for an individual Public Space Protection Order for Seahouses’ beaches will require monitoring to find out if an order is justified, the county council has said.

This will need to take place during the busiest time of the year – June to August – and any proposed introduction would then result in a period of statutory consultation.

Parish councillors were keen on an order in a bid to tackle dog fouling in the area.