North Sunderland Parish Council round-up

The collapsed wall at the corner of Crewe Street and Harbour Hill.
The collapsed wall at the corner of Crewe Street and Harbour Hill.

Members heard that six crimes had been recorded in the village in the past month.

Neighbourhood Beat Manager PC Alan Morton said that there had been an incident of shoplifting, two common assaults and damage to a motor vehicle, as well as two incidents which he could not discuss.

There had been two reports of anti-social behaviour – one near the shops on Main Street and one related to a party in Castle View.

A resident had also been into the station to report motorbikes being driven in an anti-social manner and PC Morton said he is aware of the perpetrators.

He explained that in cases such as this a section 59 warning can be issued and if breached, the police can confiscate the vehicle.

The owner then has to pay £160 to release it, otherwise the vehicle is crushed.

Coun Maureen Bramley raised concerns about speeding on James Street.

• The damaged wall at the corner of Crewe Street and Harbour Hill has still not been repaired. Chairman Coun Geoffrey Stewart told the meeting that the work would take place when the man from the county council was back from sick leave. Coun Kelvin Rushworth described the county’s response as ‘inadequate’.

• Following last month’s discussions, Coun Rushworth told the meeting that there was just one war grave in the new cemetery, and six in the closed cemetery, for which the county council is responsible. It was agreed to take on the single grave in the new cemetery as the parish council already maintains it.

• Coun Donaldson reported that heavy rain at the weekend led to sewage coming from the drains on St Aidan’s again, although it didn’t happen during Monday’s downpours, after Northumbrian Water had been out on Saturday. Coun Bramley reported that investigation vehicles had been in the village.

• A number of planning applications went before the parish council at the meeting. Members had no objections to any of the plans, but were concerned about a bid to replace a flat roof with a pitched roof at 10 & 11 Sunnieside Place as the drawings submitted with the plans were incorrect.