North Sunderland Parish Council round-up: Housing plans, devolution and crime

North Sunderland parish councillors have reaffirmed their objections to plans for 39 new homes in Seahouses, despite amendments to the type of housing by the applicant.

Sunday, 14th January 2018, 10:00 am
An aerial view of Seahouses by Paul Kiddell

In March 2013, Northumbrian Leisure Ltd applied for outline permission to build 88 houses and a health village on the site, east of King’s Field.

The bid was amended in December that year and again in December 2014, with the health village removed and the number of homes slightly reduced. This application has yet to be decided.

Then, in March last year, the applicant applied for full planning permission for 27 four-bedroom homes (17 detached and 10 semi-detached), six three-bedroom detached houses and six two-bedroom bungalows.

The parish council was reconsulted as a letter from the applicant’s agent in November amended the tenure so that the six two-bedroom bungalows would all be affordable, an increase of two, and 19 houses (an increase of 25 per cent) would be restricted to ‘prime occupancy’ housing, ie, main residences rather than holiday or letting accommodation.

A further update in December explained that there had been some confusion over a strip of land to the north of the site, but this has been resolved and is to be transferred to the applicant by Grainger Homes.

There were three reported crimes in Seahouses since the last parish-council meeting – a threat to kill, possession of a knife and damage to a motor vehicle.

The first two have been dealt with, while inquiries are ongoing in relation to the criminal damage.

Parish councillors had different views on the North of Tyne devolution deal, which is out for consultation until February 5 – Sylvia Hillan and Tom Orrin felt that the area would not get much out of it, but Coun David Donaldson disagreed, citing the funding which would come.