North Sunderland Parish Council: Inconsiderate parking, new councillor and grit bins


Concerns have been raised about inconsiderate parking along a street in Seahouses, which has been branded dangerous.

The issue was raised at Monday night’s North Sunderland Parish Council meeting by Coun Maureen Bramley, who had been asked to bring up the matter on behalf of frustrated residents.

She said that the complaints related to North Street and the meeting heard that some of the problems were caused by works vehicles and articulated lorries.

Coun Bramley said: “Inconsiderate parking is a problem on North Street.

“I know people have to have work done, but the road is narrow and there are vehicles parked right up to the junction and you can’t see past them and there has been one or two near misses.

“The other problem is that, because of the nature of the area and because of the narrowness of the roads, emergency vehicles would struggle to get through. Vehicles are also being parked on the pavement, which makes it difficult for people with buggies or those who have mobility scooters.

“I did speak to the police at Berwick and I was given some suggestions about things that could be done to make people aware of the problems.

“One suggestion was there could be a leaflet drop in the area, to make people aware of the problems.”

Coun Sylvia Hillan agreed that there was an issue, adding: “Because vehicles are parked on the pavement, people have to go onto the road and it is dangerous.”

Coun Tom Orrin said the parish council should write to Northumberland County Council about the matter.

He said: “There have been some really badly-parked vehicles there. A little while ago, a police car came through and I waved it down.

“I asked him what could be done, but he said that this sort of issue has been decriminalised now and it is down to the county council, so in this case, we should write to the county council and draw their attention to it.”

• A vacancy on the parish council has been filled by Seahouses resident George Price. He has been accepted onto the group after writing to register his interest. The 76-year-old, from Chapel Court, said that he had attended a number of meetings as a member of the public and wanted to become part of the parish council.

• The council has raised no objections to two planning applications. The first is for a proposed front porch and utility extension at 34 Kippy Law, Seahouses, while the second is for a proposed single storey rear extension to kitchen and sun lounge at 76 King Street, Seahouses. The council has also been made aware of a pre-application inquiry for proposed internal and external alterations to Longstone House Hotel, Main Street, North Sunderland.

• The parish council has agreed to buy two grit bins. One is for Castle Close and the other is for Kings Field.

• Coun David Donaldson said that paving stones along a section of Main Street were ‘unsteady’.

• The next parish council meeting will take place at 7pm on Monday, January 4, 2016, in the Sheltered Housing Community Centre, on Stone Close, Seahouses. Members of the public are welcome.