North Sunderland Parish Council

Concerns over Tahi plans

Members of the parish council agreed to register concerns about the development of a Thai restaurant.

The planning application for the site, at 52 Main Street, drew several comments from councillors.

Coun David Donaldson was particularly concerned with the idea that any development should be in keeping with the character of the village’s conservation area.

Other councillors objected to the opening times of the restaurant proposed in the application, which would see it open until midnight, seven days a week.

After scrutinising the accompanying plans, councillors also had qualms about the development’s impact on a neighbouring car park, and whether this might lead to more parking on grassed areas in the village.

It was also noted that the site abuts onto a residential area and that residents’ lives may be impacted both by the restaurant’s noise and smells from its two chimneys.


Councillors noted the planning authority had approved an application for solar panel units on the roof of a store at 52 Main Street, a site also the subject of major applications.

Members raised no objections to an application to install two dormer windows to the rear of a house in Castle Court.


A request for a donation to the North Sunderland Luncheon Club, which has been helping elderly people overcome loneliness for several years, was heard.

A donation of £50 was made, and it was decided that the parish council would also ask for some more details of the club’s running costs.


Work is required on the yew trees, which are growing over the central path in the old cemetery and causing some difficulty to visitors, particularly in wet weather, councillors were told.

There was also recognition of the problems caused to grassed areas in Osborne Gardens by motorists parking there.

St Aidan’s signs need repairs

The parish council heard about the deterioration of signs on St Aidan’s prohibiting overnight parking.

Coun David Donaldson brought up the matter, saying: “As far as I’m aware, the signs themselves, the posts and so on, are all sound. It’s just that the sun has bleached the actual words.”