North Sunderland and Seahouses WI, October meeting

There was a good turnout for the group meeting with some 52 members comprising Seahouses, Embleton, Craster, Bamburgh, Beadnell, Howick and Belford.

The meeting was opened by Norma Han of Embleton, our hosts for the evening.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. Reports were read out by a representative of each WI present and Julia Davidson, our WI advisor, gave us an amusing summary.

Peter Arnold, of Hexham, was introduced. He is the chairman of the Northumbrian Language Society and gave us an interesting talk about the dialect of our county. Some words we did know but it seems that our dialect has been achieved through the farming, fishing and mining areas and handed down through the years.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs P Minto and then we progressed to our delicious supper before the raffle was drawn and the competitions were judged.

Following on, and two weeks later, our own October meeting was held when 25 members attended and we welcomed three new members.

After the usual business formalities the various forthcoming events were read out: Craft fair, Ocober 11; Alnmouth Harvest Tea, October 30; Christmas at the Abbey, December 12; Food Safety Training Workshop, Cresswell House, November 30, up to Food Safety Cert. Level 2; Cooking with Diabetes in Mind, November 6, at Cresswell House and December 9, Christmas with a WOW, Geordie Music Hall, November 12, with pies, peas and posh puds; guided walk in Newcastle, October 24; our Christmas lunch, December 19; 2015 AGM Albert Hall; calendar theme for 2015: City-Coast-Country and our next pub lunch will be October 26, Joiners Arms, Newton-by-the-Sea. These are always enjoyable.

Our speaker for the evening was David Corbyn, his subject was Guide Dogs and we learned about this very useful interesting topic which was founded after the First World War by Muriel Crooke. She had a sum of £100. At first only the large Alsatian dogs were used, later Labrador-cross Golden Retrievers.

Mr Corbyn described the training sessions (for both dogs and humans), followed by walking, shopping, train and bus journeys. The length of time involved is between six and 12 months, followed by a period of bonding with new owners. He has trained dogs which have gone all over the world.

The vote of thanks was given by Elizabeth Fortune as we had been given an insight into this very valuable service.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 5, when we will have Lord Joicey as our speaker, his subject being Flodden.

Do come and join us as this will be very interesting, especially in view of the recent 500 year activities.