North Sunderland and Seahouses WI, July meeting

It was a beautiful sunny, warm, evening for the July meeting of North Sunderland and Seahouses WI, with 27 members and one visitor present.

Mrs Minto opened the meeting by welcoming everybody and reading out the messages received from guests who had attended our happy 90th celebrations in June.

Mrs MacFarlane read out the various other letters and corrrespondence. These included invitations from Bamburgh regarding a talk at Chillingham and a dominoes/strawberry event at Belford. We had also received an invitation from Embleton.

Events at Cresswell House include a speed-awareness day in October, a new members’ day in September, a quilting workshop and a flowers and sugar craft day, also in September.

A Newcastle walk, In Sickness and in Health, is scheduled for Thursday, September 18. The AGM had recently been held in Leeds Arena and our president read out the interesting report.

Our visit to the BBC takes place on Tuesday, July 15, and a Travelsure coach will collect us.

Our annual August Strawberry Tea will this year be held on August 21, in the Methodist Chapel. This will be open to everybody and we are hoping for another fine lovely day.

Our speaker for the evening was Angie Patrick. Her topic was Quigon.

Many of us had no idea whatsoever about this subject. Could it be a card game or perhaps a new motor scooter? No, none of these.

In fact it turned out to be a very relaxing method of gentle movement – involving the whole body – absolutely ideal for lowering blood pressure.

Angie’s music was Chinese Energy Exercises and we were gradually introduced to the mystic movements and sounds, transporting us all on to a higher plane of concentration and easy movement. Ideal for a summer evening.

These movements – including easy stretching and bending in all directions, as if one was pushingthe sea away – also an imaginary large ball in the hands and endeavouring to move it around. Very peaceful and extremely relaxing.

The vote of thanks was given by Marjorie Turner. The competition , a trinket box, was won by Mrs S Dixon, Mrs L, Grey and Mrs D. Edmison.

As mentioned, our Strawberry Tea will be held on Thursday, August 21, at approximately 2pm.Do come along and join us.

Our next meeting will be in September when we hope to have John Hodge talking about a prison officer and dog handler. All invited.