Seahouses (south) beach)
Seahouses (south) beach)

Our very happy 92nd birthday evening commenced with a bang – the James Bond theme tune played for us by the school steel band students, under the guidance of music tutor Ms Pat Adamson and headteacher Ms Julie Harris.

We were delighted to listen to Happy Ending, Call me Maybe, Hold Back The River, Marvin Gaye, Poker Face, Tequila, Under The Sea, You Sexy Thing, and finally Let It Go.

A resounding round of applause ensued before the students, aged 11 to 16, with instruments consisting of drums, guitars and steel drums, packed up for the evening. Sadly, we may only have one more year of music from our local school.

Following on from the excitement, our president Mrs Pat Minto welcomed everybody. We had guests from other WIs, Craster, Howick, Embleton, Beadnell, Bamburgh and Belford.

Supper was announced and we all sat down to tasty food and tea, thus a very convivial evening progressed. It is always interesting to meet other members and exchange views and notes.

A vote of thanks was given by Mrs Doris Clarke, of Craster. Our celebration cake was cut by Sheila Caskey.

The meeting progressed with secretary Sandra MacFarlane reading out the minutes of our previous meeting. These were agreed.

Points of interest were explained, together with correspondence, details of proposed coach trips, and future dates, including the annual council meeting to be held on Saturday, April 9, at the Royal Grammar School, domino drive at Stannington, a cookery demo at Cresswell House and a visit to the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle.

The competition, a candle, was won by Mrs Nora Milehan, Mrs Doreen Edmisson and Mrs Brenda Ord.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 1, with a talk by Mr Graham Ambrose entitled A Woodturner. The competition will be a wooden object.

Come along and have some fun, with refreshments. Our meetings commence at 7pm, and are a good opportunity to meet other people.