North East set for sunshine as week-ahead forecast reveals warm temperatures

Some warmer days are on the way!Some warmer days are on the way!
Some warmer days are on the way!
Ditch the big coat and grab your sunglasses - the North East is about to get a dose of sunshine.

Met Office forecasters are predicting double-figure temperatures in the coming week, with some spring-like sunshine on the agenda.

It’s set to be a mild weekend, with the weather creeping up to between 10°C and 12°C. But there won’t be much sun to speak of until the middle of next week.

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Wednesday and Thursday will give us our first proper taste of warmth with temperatures hitting their peak at an estimated 16°C on Wednesday.

And it’s set to stay warm on Thursday too, with highs of 13°C.

Given the wet and windy weather we’ve had recently, the coming days are going to feel positively tropical!

And just in time for the end of the school holidays, too.

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