North East has the highest rate of organ donation in the UK

An NHS organ donor card.An NHS organ donor card.
An NHS organ donor card.
Figures show that the North East is the region with the highest organ donation rate.

A new analysis of NHS statistics by fitness experts Nuyoo shows that in 2016-17, the number of deceased organ donors increased to 1,413, a four per cent rise on the previous year.

In addition, there were 1,043 living donors, culminating in 4,753 live-saving and life-transforming transplants.

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However, in 2017, there were 6,388 patients waiting for a transplant – 457 died while waiting on the active list and 875 were removed from the list altogether, mostly due to deteriorating health and ineligibility for transplant, with many of these patients sadly passing away shortly after.

Nuyoo found that the North West gave the highest number of organs, at a total 162, followed by the East of England (150) and London (146), with the lowest totals in the East Midlands (74), North East (75) and South-Central England (89).

But if the figure of organ donations per million population is used, it shows that the North East has the highest outcome, with a rate of 28.6 donations per million population.

The region was followed by the South-East Coast (27.2) and the East of England (24.7).

Kidneys were the most donated organs nationally.