North Area Planning Committee

Amended scheme is same as before, say members

Members felt that an amended scheme for an extension to a home in Swarland, which had been refused last year, was almost identical and therefore they couldn’t support it.

The resubmitted plans were for an extension to the rear and into the roof to form a one-and-a-half-storey home at 14 Kenmore Road.

The planning officer explained that a number of minor details combined to make the new scheme acceptable, but members were not convinced.

A supporter of the scheme said that the property was not suitable for 21st-century family life and ‘progress’ should be allowed.

Coun Trevor Thorne said: “I have heard nothing really to change my mind. Last year, we made a decision and it was an almost identical application.

“Kenmore Road is full of these little settlement cottages. Nobody says there shouldn’t be an extension, but it should be in keeping.”

Coun Gordon Castle added: “The surprise here is that the officers feel that the building there at the moment is of no merit.

“Sometimes details can make a difference, but it wasn’t a finely-balanced decision the last time.”


Proposals to provide a bungalow in East Burton, Bamburgh, with a first floor, a new detached garage with a gym above and a new package treatment plant were approved despite six objections from neighbours. Coun Castle said that the surrounding properties were not attractive buildings that needed protecting.


Members overturned the advice of the planning officer to refuse permission to a retrospective scheme for a raised decking area at the back of Red Barns Cottage in Bamburgh.

The committee was concerned that the height of the decking would mean that it would infringe on the privacy of the neighbouring property.