Nordic film opens up ideas for pupils

Film director Kari Anne Moe at the Berwick Film Festival.
Film director Kari Anne Moe at the Berwick Film Festival.

Pupils from a north Northumberland school have been rubbing shoulders with a film director.

Film and photography students from the Duchess’s Community High School met film director

Kari Anne Moe last Friday, after a premiere screening of the new documentary Bravehearts at Berwick Maltings.

The showing was part of the Berwick Film Festival.

The students watched the film in the morning, and were invited to ask questions about the content and form with the director, who had flown in from Norway.

The documentary, which followed four young people, with different political ideas, also dealt with the aftermath of the horrific attack on Utøya island, in Norway, in 2011, which left over 80 people dead.

Kari Anne Moe said: ““This is not a film about Utøya and the event itself.

“This is a film about young people and people in general.

“About school elections, first debates, laughter, smiles and tears.

“About grief, shock, impact,and the nightmares that follow.

“You will not see anything you have not already seen, or learn something you did not already know about July 22, 2011.

“You will, however, gain hugely important insight into one of our country’s most horrific events.”

Matthew Slack, a Year 13 film studies student, said: “The documentary was incredible.

“It was interesting to hear how the director had edited the film, as she worked with families of the young people who had been killed.

“It was very informative.

“In the afternoon, students took the artist trail and visited an number of video and moving image installations around Berwick town centre.

“They also visited the Big M, where three screens showed various films connected to our relationship with landscape.”

Lotty Thompson, head of film and media at the Duchess’s High School, said: “The experience was very interesting.

“It has opened up our eyes as to what can be done with the camera, and the work we have seen is really making students think about their relationship to nature.”

Berwick Film Festival sees the town transformed into a living cinema, with film premieres, live events and site-specific installations around the town walls.

Each year the festival is curated to a theme, and this year was North by Northeast, exploring the town’s Nordic roots.