No wonder Sylvia’s smiling

A very happy 105- year-old Sylvia Harrison.
A very happy 105- year-old Sylvia Harrison.

THIS week may mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, but a Bamburgh woman born five years before its fateful maiden voyage has celebrated a remarkable birthday.

Easter Saturday saw a special celebration in the village as friends and relatives gathered for Sylvia Harris’s 105th birthday.

Born in 1907, Mrs Harris has three children – two daughters and a son – nine grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and five great, great grandchildren, the majority of whom were at the get-together on Saturday.

North East born and bred, Mrs Harris, who now lives at the village’s Armstrong House, was born in Durham and later lived in Benwell in Newcastle before she and her husband Alfred retired to Seahouses in 1962.

The couple married on Boxing Day, 1938, and were married for more than 40 years.

In her younger years, Mrs Harris worked as a cook at Pendower High School in Newcastle, retiring 25 years to the day after she started.

She wasn’t able to share any secrets about how to reach 105, ‘just good living’ and ‘plenty of friends’.

“I feel really lucky,” she added.