No snow to fall in the North East – despite national reports

Is snow on the way?
Is snow on the way?

Cooler weather is forecast for the North East next week but not the extreme conditions predicted by some sources.

The Daily Express reported today that blizzards and record-low temperatures were soon to hit the region but the Met Office have played down the stories.

The beginning of next week will see cooler and more showery weather but not the Polar gales that have been described by the Express.

Temperatures averaging around 9 degrees during the day will continue up to the end of next week but windy weather and slight frosts are a possibility during the coming nights.

Despite the cold evenings, there is no sign of snow and the Met Office have not released any severe weather warnings.

This year’s Hallowe’en has been reported as the warmest on record, with highs of 16 degrees recorded at Boulmer today.