No Place To Hide is an action-packed, gripping thriller

Part of the front cover of No Place To Hide, Dan LatusPart of the front cover of No Place To Hide, Dan Latus
Part of the front cover of No Place To Hide, Dan Latus
A Rothbury author has published his ninth thriller novel '“ and readers have described it as one of his best yet.

Ian Bullock, who uses the pen name Dan Latus, has unveiled No Place To Hide.

This gripping tale follows Jake Ord and his companion Magda, who are living in seclusion in a small town in the Algarve, Portugal. They each have something to hide, and fear, but their life is just how they want it – tranquil and safe.

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No Place To Hide, Dan LatusNo Place To Hide, Dan Latus
No Place To Hide, Dan Latus

All that changes when Jake receives a call from an old friend in the Northumbria Police Force. He learns that crime boss Ed Fogarty has escaped from prison and is intent of exacting revenge from all those who helped put him there – including Jake.

Fogarty is also intent on recovering the £20million missing from his last heist, money he believes one of them has. And he knows where Jake is living.

As Fogarty ticks off the names on his hit list, Jake and Magda go on the run across Europe. Along the way, Jake discovers that Magda is no stranger to the criminal underworld and they must stand and fight together as Fogarty and his men close in on them.

Ian said: “It is an action-packed thriller; I hope people enjoy it. People who have read it so far have said it is one of my best yet, which is pleasing.”

The book is published by Robert Hale, an imprint of The Crowood Press Ltd. It is available from Amazon, the publisher or via

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