‘No parking’ lines lead to waste of money calls

The new 'no parking' restrictions outside the county-council depot.
The new 'no parking' restrictions outside the county-council depot.

Newly-painted ‘no parking’ restrictions in front of a council depot which is earmarked to shut have fuelled criticism, with some branding them a waste of money.

But Northumberland County Council has defended the move, saying that it has been forced to apply the road markings outside its facility at Alnwick’s Willowburn Trading Estate because inconsiderate parking has made access tricky for gritters and delivery vehicles.

And the authority has said that the unit will continue to operate for the foreseeable future, with the move to a new ‘super depot’at the town’s Lionheart Enterprise Park not scheduled until next year.

The debate was started on Facebook group Northumberland Newsdesk last week, after user Mick Davison posted pictures of the yellow lines and commented: ‘New no parking road markings have just been applied outside the county council highways almost empty offices on the Willowburn Trading Estate. What a waste of dosh. I have heard the offices are going to close.

‘Just my opinion mind, unless someone can justify why they’re here and put the other side to the story.’

It prompted a string of comments, with some people describing it as ‘a waste of taxpayers’ money’ and a ‘waste of time, money and paint.’

However, others stated that they understood why the work had been carried out, with one person saying ‘it seems pretty reasonable to me’.

And in an explanation to the Gazette about the work, a county-council spokeswoman said: “In order to provide efficient council services we must be able to guarantee 24-hour access for large vehicles to and from our depot.

“Unfortunately, we have had some issues with inconsiderate parking on the opposite side of the road, which have meant that gritters and large delivery vehicles have experienced great difficulty in turning in and out of the depot. The move to a new depot is not scheduled until next year so we have been left with no choice but to paint hatching on the road outside of the depot entrance so that we can be sure of easy access at all times.”